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A new way forward.

Hi All, Lately I have felt very uninspired by my blogging. What to write, how to write, where I wanted the direction of my blog to head and then I found inspiration in an unlikely place. Another’s Instagram page! I stumbled upon this Instagram page and felt they had helped me with so much inspiration when an idea struck me to want to help others and to give shout outs when I can! So I came up with a Sunday Shout out post! so this is now going to be my new sunday post! Hopefully every week ill manage to get out a Sunday Shoutout post, I wont commit to every Sunday, because lets face it….life happens and I don’t always prioritise my blogging!. However my first Sunday post is done and ready to go out this Sunday, so please check it out!!!

These posts are basically shout outs to other bloggers, social media pages or even just company’s which I have come across and genuinely LOVE! I feel there is so much competetiveness on social media and blogging, which I cant stand. I started blogging as a way to release all my genuine frusterations, anxietys and worries about being a mother, and wanting to meet other mums I could relate to in a hope of not feeling so isolated and alone. Now I have made some wonderful connections I thought how can I take this even further and be more supportive? I figured through a weekly shoutout post, and also through social media! I would love to know what you all think about this concept. I am sure there are probably others doing the same, ive just not come across them, but if you know of anyone doing the same or similar, let me know, I would love to do a shout out to other shout outers out there! Recently I have also started reaching out to brands I have found which I love, smaller local australian companies which I thought may be interested in collaborating. Obviously these are companies which fit my niche, child clothing brands, toys brands, teething ect if it helps expose their work to a wider audience, then why not? Its all about shareing the love, giving back when possible and helping others! So this is my view going forward, its been a very exciting few weeks and has re inspired my love for blogging! Don’t worry, there will still be the ramble post which I complain or need to get things of my chest too! I am working on one as we speak!

I used to be so focused on likes and followers and I have recently come to realise this is not the be all and end all of blogging or social media sites. Sometimes I get a lot of likes and comments, other times not so much. I have come to not worry so much about how many likes or comments I get because it can start to consume you and take over. I have had many people I know comment to me personally about my blog, they never comment, like or post on their, but they read my posts. It is always nice to receive feedback, back its important to remember not everyone leaves feedback and its not always about the numbers! Instagram drives me mad with the amount of people who follow only for a follow then they unfollow you! why? its so silly playing stupid games, I am starting to learn who these people are, and how to spot them. I stay away, and when necessary block people. I want a genuine following and try to comment and like on as many people I can, like I said any feedback is good feedback!

In todays world of lots of tit for tat, its nice to step away and focus on the good! I had to stop thinking about what others thought about what I wrote, I had forgotten why I was writing in the first place and lost my passion. I have now found a new purpose and my passion is reignited! Mind you I have only been at this for less then two years. I’m still figuring out my way. But the more people who show love and support for others the better I think. So Look out for my first Shout Out post this Sunday. Ill also be posting a new collaboration post coming soon, which I am excited to share with you all! I’m excited to be excited about blogging again. 

What gets you inspired about blogging when you start to feel uninspired? I would love to know!

Candice x