Timmy’s First Easter Hat Parade

I am one of those parents that loves the idea of arts n crafts. I’m always adding to Timmy’s Arts n crafts box, toilet rolls, bits of paper and other odd bits i find. In my imagination, we sit down choose something to make and Timmy does it nicely, little mess and ill frame the wonderful art work he would create. Well, my imagination only lets me down, because I find sitting down with Timmy to do arts and crafts is painful. Its messy, frustrating as he doesn’t listen, grabs paper which ends up torn everywhere all over the floor and continues to glue everything he shouldn’t (like the table!!). The said art work that has been painful to watch him try and make is not even framable . At best it goes goes on the fridge, and at some point ends up disappearing.

So when I walked into drop him off  at school on Monday and was told there would be an Easter hat parade on Friday I was mixed with excitement – Yay! his first Easter hat parade, and that quickly followed by fear – I knew nothing about making a hat, I wish I was more crafty, but i’m just not – I asked the teachers for a bit of advice on how to make a hat. They suggested getting just a plastic or felt hat, and buying some stickers, or other bits and pieces to stick on! simple and easy. How hard could this be? I was filled with optimism and walked away thinking of wonderful things I would make for his hat!

Well in typical me fashion I leave the hat making until the very last minute. The day before the Easter hat parade, I run out to base warehouse at 4pm, right before they are about to shut. I have Timmy with me, who is running around the shops getting random items for his hat….an umbrella, a cup…, “but mummy, i neeeeeeed this for my hat!!” There is slim picking of plastic hats left, what is left is too big for his head, the felt hats were way too small… then I spot one hat left, its rubber, purple and it fits, well it’s a tiny bit too big, but we could get away with it!! I find some baby chicks, stickers, glue, glitter and some weird purple nesty string stuff and some cotton balls. we were good to go!!


We get home, set it all up, i’m excited, Timmy’s excited, I start sticking cotton balls on, the baby chicks then dad jumps in so I can feed baby, thank you! I feed baby while they finish it off….glitter and all. were all very proud of the finished product and cant wait to take it to school the next day! So the next day I turn up to the parade, I walk into the room and there is glitter ALL OVER the carpet. It doesn’t take me long to realise Timmy’s hat is the only one with glitter on it…oh dear. Then the teacher asks me loudly from across the room, “mummy, when did we finish Timmy’s hat?” I turn red, i know where this is going…” last night, sorry!” “Yes, i figured, I have glitter all over me!” then another teacher pips in, “yes, i have it everywhere, look!”… so my proud hat moment has dissapeared as i realize our hat isn’t as great as I thought. Timmy’s turn to strut his stuff, as he is walking there is glitter glue dripping from his hat, and he has to hold it on his head as it is too big and heavy!! I’m now a very embarrassed mummy at our epic fail of a Easter hat! But despite all this, Timmy doesn’t seem to notice, and I return to being super proud of him as he walks down the isle. I sit there proud as punch, grinning from ear to ear, taking a thousand photos – then all of a sudden, the failed Easter hat attempt doesn’t matter anymore. Timmy loved his hat and really enjoyed the parade. I walked away a very proud mummy. I feel sorry for the teachers at the end…when all the parents start leaving, every single child, including my own starts crying for there parents!

So I have learned some very valuable lessons for next year. DON’T leave the hat making until the last minute, and DON’T use glitter or glitter glue!!! Also, I need a glue gun.

Have you had an Easter hat fail or a great success? I would love to hear about them and see some pictures, please do share them with me 🙂

xx Life In A Mum Shell xx



Dear Timmy,

How my life has changed in the short 2, almost 3 years you have been in my life. Mostly for the better, I wouldn’t change a thing! You were the blessing baby i never imagined and never saw coming. I could never have imagined how much love I could ever have experienced from the very first time i felt you kick to the first time I held you. With every day since i love you more and more as i watch you grown, learn and become this inquisitive, curious, energy ball of a little human. You are filled with so much love, curiosity for everything, you are such a gentle soul, caring, cheeky, smart and a lovable little boy.

Your dad and I must be doing something right because you are more than we ever could have possibly hoped for. Don’t get me wrong, you most definitely have your challenging days just like all other 2 years old’s, but I must say there far and few in between. The good most definitely outweighs the bad!

I love how excited you get about becoming a big brother, how much you want to help. Every day you ask to see baby and give my belly a big cuddle. You even say “I love you” to my belly. You are going to make the most amazing big brother, and I’m really excited to see you grow into this role and teach your little sibling all about life. Baby is very lucky to have you be their big brother.

Just as you are learning about life and everything around you, mummy and daddy are learning every day how to be parents. We are not perfect and don’t always get things right. But we try every day and your dad and I make a good team when we are faced with challenges together. Sometimes their scary and unknown to us and we don’t know what to do, but we always have your best interests at heart and put you first.

You have forever changed our lives and we are forever grateful for the love, craziness and mayhem you have brought to our lives. Every day you make me want to be a better person and to always strive for better. I will never be perfect and I wont always get things right, but I will never stop trying. You teach mummy how to be a better person every day, when you are hurt, sick or scared I get an inner strength I never knew i had inside and i become strong for you even though i am petrified, sad or hurting for you on the inside. When you are not around is only when i let the tears fall and your dad becomes my rock I need to lean on. Every single day, I have fears for you, wanting to keep you safe from harm, when your hurt it takes every inch of me not to cry as I want to make you better and make all the hurt go away.

As long as you know how much you are loved, safe, protected and supported and always will be until my last breath. Being a mum is the most scariest thing I have and will ever do, yet the most rewarding and loving thing I will ever do in my life. I couldn’t be prouder of the little human you are. Your my everything!

Mummy and Daddy love you Too Much!!! xxxx

Why I started blogging.


I first discovered blogging back in early 2016. I loved reading all sorts of blogs, Parenting, travel, fitness, fashion etc. I found inspiration in all sorts of areas. I loved reading normal people’s stories, I found them really inspirational. The more open and honest they were the more i wanted to read!

Then it started playing on my mind, that i might be able to start my own blog. I put it off due to A LOT of self-doubt. What would i write? Do i have any stories of my own to share ? Would people would want to read or even care or be interested in what i have to say?  What if i am no good? Where does one start a blog? It is a big deal to put your thoughts, ideas and opinions out there for the world to see, judge and talk about. It takes a lot of courage to do, its sort of like putting your diary on the internet, it’s very scary. So i put it off until we got to OZ and decided i would give it a go, what have i got to lose? I started my blog in November 2016, shortly after moving to Australia. I am still finding my blogging feet and only been doing it for 5 months! I started researching some other blogs which gave some amazing advice on how to’s for beginners. I am still learning and trying to incorporate some very useful advice.

why I blog

I started blogging as being a parent, I have stories and experiences to tell and share, I have fears and doubts in life and as a parent. It is nice to throw them out there and have friends, family and even complete strangers and other bloggers comment and share their own stories. Often being a parent can be lonely, even though you are never alone. You can feel as though you are travelling along a path in the dark not knowing what’s right or wrong, where to turn, how to cope, where your going and you can often feel isolated and unsure and it can often feel like an uphill battle and overwhelming. There are other times that are incredible, and you are so in love with this life and the little human you have created and you want to share your happiness with everyone because you are so happy and proud and wouldn’t change the low times as the high times make it all the more worth it.

Since I’ve been blogging

When I first started blogging it was such a relief. I had an outlet to share anything and everything i wanted, as scary and daunting as it was and still is! I love being able to relate to people from all over the world. It doesn’t matter where you come from, your background, culture, your way of life in general, we all have something in common. Parenting. Sometimes even the closest of people to us, partners, family, friends can not relate or understand, and vice versa. and it takes an outsider, a total stranger with an unbiased opinion to be able to relate and That’s OK. Since i started my blog, I have realized blogging is a huge world-wide community where everyone has a voice and i genuinely love reading others stories and advice on many different subjects. I’ve recently expanded my blogging community via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I have met some really nice, lovely and genuine people online through different avenues. Some blog posts have made me laugh, cry, others inspire me, others i feel i can relate to and others are like talking to a close girlfriend. I have had some amazing conversations with different people on all sorts of things and I really enjoy the connection and an outsiders non biased opinion or view on situations. It is really refreshing. It can often make me feel human again.

Life has been fairly hectic for us since moving from the UK in October last year and I don’t get to blog as much as i like, but i always try to put things on my other pages, FB, twitter and Instagram regularly. My blog is only a baby still and i have a lot of work i want to do on it. My blog at the moment is only a Mummy’s blog. All about my journey, my experiences including the good, bad, the highs and lows and sharing them with everyone including any advice i can give through lessons i have learned along the way and just being as honest and open as i can be. I have learned not everyone that reads my blog will comment, press like or share my posts, and that’s OK.Sometimes i get comments through my FB page, twitter or privately in email. I always encourage everyone to comment or share their thought’s with me, as that inspires me for new ideas, and keeps me motivated to keep putting my thoughts out there. I love hearing any sorts of comments, it’s always nice and reassuring.

I was out recently when a friend started a conversation and said “I’ve been reading your blog!” I had no idea she had even seen it, but she then started sharing her stories with me. That made me happy and that’s why I blog. I love hearing feedback, good or bad. I have really enjoyed blogging so far. Like i said its new to me still, I’ve a lot yet to learn and there is a lot yet still i want to do with my blog to improve it as at the moment it is extremely basic. I have been slow on the blogging front, as since moving from the UK to OZ, life has been very hectic trying to get ourselves settled and doing it all while being pregnant. We are nearly there, just waiting for baby number 2 to arrive, anytime pretty much now. We are very excited for the new addition to the family.

My blogging vision for the future.

I have really enjoyed my blogging journey so far, and i have a vision for the future once i have baby number 2. I would like to incorporate a health and fitness section. Before i moved to the Uk and had babies this was always a big part of my life, playing netball, going to the gym, running half marathons, running in the city to surf. But once i had my first-born, i went into total denial about my new after baby body. I let myself go and figured my life before could no longer be. But recently i have discovered it does not need to be that way, i shouldn’t need to sacrifice the things in life that make me happy  because i am now a mother. So i am looking at starting a new exciting chapter in my life soon, and bringing you all along for the ride.During this pregnancy I have had Gestational diabetes, and needed to take insulin. I have learned a lot more about food and what it does to your body and i would like to take this learning curve through into my future.

I would also like to incorporate a section on books, its my guilty pleasure. I LOVE reading books. I’m not good reading them on a tablet or kindle. To me there is nothing better than sitting down on the sofa, in the bath or bed snuggled with a good book. I love thumbing through physical books, and love the smell of a new book! Recently I have been reading some really amazing books which i would love to share with you and share my thoughts, and get you to share some book ideas in return! So there’s a couple of idea’s for future expansion. While still remaining a mummy blog of course! I have heard of self hosting your own blog, this i am still researching as it’s still confusing and i want to fully understand it before taking the plunge, and I’m not entirely sure i am yet ready for this. I will also be looking at changing the way my blog looks. It is a work in progress but for now, ill keep posting blogs when ever i can and enjoying the interaction I have with other bloggers via different social media platforms.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts, and like i said feel free to comment be it negative or positive or even just to say hi to let me know you have stopped by my blog! This blog is my passion, and by me getting to share my passion with you is the greatest joy! I appreciate the time you take to read my blogs, it means the world to me. THANK YOU!!

XX Life In A Mum Shell XX

It’s in the bag!

So finally at 36 weeks pregnant i decided to pack my hospital bag! I know, cutting it close right?  With Baby #1 I had the hospital bag packed and repacked a good 20 Times by the time i was 30 weeks. Most people nest around the house, sorting and cleaning. No not me, i nested in the baby’s room, obsessively rearranging the draws of clothes, folding them, organizing the baby’s and my hospital bag. You would have thought i was the most organised ready to go mum ever, turns out nope, not so much! Once i had delivered my baby i quickly realized there was a lot i didn’t bring along. For baby, i had everything i needed, even maybe too much. However, for myself i had pretty much nothing!

Maternity pads, 2 packets should be plenty, right? yeah, if your staying just the day! Nope, I needed to send out my man to get me some the following morning, poor thing hadn’t a clue what to get. I told him the larger the better, and as many as you can get a hold of. Seriously, you can never have enough. I had not packed myself body wash which was added onto the list for the man to buy. Taking that first shower is the most incredible feeling in the world, a nice smelling body wash makes all the difference. I had not thought to pack a towel. They didn’t supply them at the hospital. I asked the midwife if i might be able to get one… i was met with a rather rude “No, we don’t supply towels here, you bring your own” before she walked out. As i went for my shower i then realized i had to then try to dry myself with a tiny hand towel, and bath mat which was half the size of a towel, it would do. But i feel sorry for the person who had to wash them!  I also had not enough maternity bras, i had packed 2, which one i was wearing during the birth and it became very gross after holding baby and blood was everywhere. It got ruined very quickly. Why i wore a bra during the birth, i don’t know.  I had not packed adequate clothing either, i literally spent 2 days in my hospital gown as it was more comfortable than what i had brought and also i had no breast-feeding tops,  and with Timmy not feeding properly see my post on my struggle here Breast Feeding, Conflicting Advice, Nipple Shields & Mastitis.  I had my boobs out every 2 minutes trying to express, trying to get him to latch properly or the midwives trying to show me different ways of feeding. I think everyone in the hospital, from cleaners, midwives and the kitchen staff witnessed me with my boobs out at some point!

So, being a first time mum, although at the time I thought i had covered myself, it turns out i failed miserably. I am hoping this time around i have succeeded in putting everything i will need in my bag, or my 3 bags i have packed! Fingers crossed i have everything baby and i will need. I have been reassured, they supply towels in this hospital. So no towels needed! Lucky this time we are close to family and should i need anything, i can always give them a call. My step mother works at the hospital, how is that for convenience?  So i feel a bit more relaxed about forgetting anything. Although i have Timmy to consider, so i have also packed him a little bag with clothes, PJ’S, nappies, underwear ect to take to my family’s should he need to stay with them, or if he needs to come to the hospital should all my family be at work. But I’m sure when things get started it will all fall into place. So i have put a list into place of what i have packed into baby’s bay and into my bag. Feel free to let me know if there is anything i need to add that i had not thought of!

Baby’s Bag

  • 18 New born nappie’s
  • 2 PK Baby wipes
  • 4x muslin Cloths
  • 1 baby blanket
  • 3 Bonds full length baby grows, complete with matching hat mittens and bib
  • 5 singlets
  • 2 baby grows short sleeves, short legs. also complete with matching hat, mittens and bibs.
  • 1 pair of pants to go over short leg baby grows.
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • 1 baby wrap blanket
  • 1 baby comforter
  • 1 toy from Timmy to give to his baby brother as a present when he arrives 🙂 he picked out a lovely soft blue giraffe.
  • 1 toy from baby to give to Timmy when he visits at the hospital – surprise 🙂

Mummy’s Bag

  • 3 breast-feeding tops
  • 8 big pairs of cotton undies, the bigger the better!
  • 3 breast-feeding bra’s ( I will not be wearing through labor this time!)
  • 5 pks maternity pads, I may add to this in the next few days. like i said, you can never have enough!
  • 1 pk breast-feeding pads.
  • 1 long loose maternity breast-feeding dress
  • 2 maternity skirts
  • 1 pair of maternity comfy leggings
  • pj pants and top
  • Make up bag (should i decide i want to make myself look close to half decent – probably not) – tinted moisturizer, mascara, lip balm.
  • Toiletries bag – hair brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair elastics, nice smelling body wash, deodorant.
  • Phone and charger
  • plastic bag for dirty clothes to go in

So that about sum’s up my 3 packed bags ready for the hospital. I would love to know what you have packed in your bag before, or what you would recommend to pack.

xx Life In A Mum Shell xx

Gender Dissapointment

Who out there has ever experienced gender disappointment? Convinced yourself you were going to be having a girl to find out you were having a boy or vice versa?

This current pregnancy, my 2nd, I experienced just this! When i found out i was pregnant, although i kept my thoughts to myself for the first 3 months, i was convinced i was going to be having a girl. I went for the first scan at 3 months, when we saw we had a nice wriggly happy baby, i allowed myself to get very excited and started sharing my thoughts with my partner and my family that i was almost certain it would be a girl. Call it mothers instinct, gut instinct or woman’s intuition… i was 110 percent sure it was a girl. So much so, boys names were not a thought on my brain, i had a few solid girls names i was happy with. Not one boys name. I had this same instinct when i was pregnant with my first, i knew the moment i was pregnant he would be a boy and i was so spot on. I wasn’t going to question my instincts a second time. I felt really connected to my first baby during pregnancy and after, and i was excited to feel this way again a second time.

We went for the second scan and after revealing all was good, nothing to be worried about except a low lying placenta, but baby was fine. So i plucked up the courage to find out what we were having. During the scan it wasn’t obvious, you couldn’t tell so i was sure i had it pegged right again. After her searching for some time, she finally said “Ah, there we go, see there…. its definitely a boy!” I instantly felt sad, don’t get me wrong i knew how lucky i was to be pregnant with a healthy baby after my history Miscarriages and Molar pregnancies but as we drove home i just felt really sad. I even wanted to cry. What had happen to my mothers instinct? My internal woman’s gut instinct only us girls have? how could i have been so sure, yet so wrong? I was really excited at the thought of having one of each, perfect! I guess my disappointment showed in the car on the way home because Carl looked at me and said “Try not to be too disappointed, we have a healthy baby and that’s all that matters.” Of course he was right, but how could he understand how i was feeling right now? It wasn’t even so much that i was having a boy, it was more so that i was wrong, my instinct was off. Am i not connected to this baby like i was the first time? I just couldn’t get to grips my mum instinct was so wrong. Carl couldn’t understand how i was feeling, he tried, but hes not a woman and only a mum could really understand how this feels. It took me a good week to start shifting my feelings and thoughts and accept i was wrong. In actual fact, i still haven’t understood how i could be so wrong. But i am very excited at having another boy. Mind you we still have not any names picked, its a lot harder this time trying to find a boys name. The first time oddly enough i found everything easy, this time around it all seems a lot harder.

The perks to having another boy… I can keep all of Timmy’s nice clothes, hand me downs  (sorry 2nd baby) but i must say, even Timmy had hand me downs among his new baby clothes. Toys can be kept and reused, plates, decorations all boy stuff can be kept. Also, i’m now used to what its like having a boy, so in that respect i know what i am in for.

I would love to hear any feedback or comments you may have on this subject as i’m sure i’m not the only person in the world to have experienced this!

xx Life In A Mum Shell xx

30 weeks pregnant

So far in this pregnancy I have not written any updates or milestones. I think its fair to say this pregnancy has not been easy. I have had a few up’s and downs along the way and I’m pretty tired of being pregnant for the 2nd time. It feels as though i have been pregnant for a long long long time. I often feel guilty about feeling like this, as i know how lucky i am to be pregnant in the first place and for there to be nothing seriously wrong. But it’s just how i feel. So let me take you back to the beginning.

When I first found out i was pregnant, it wasn’t the best timing. We were on Sark working through our summer job, saving money to move to Australia. We had just signed up with an immigration agent the week before to help us with this process, so we were afraid my being pregnant would affect this, luckily it doesn’t! When i first found out, i didn’t tell my boyfriend for a whole day i took a positive pregnancy test. I hate keeping secrets, so this was a big deal for me not tell him even if it was for a day but after the last 2 experiences we had, which you can read here Miscarriages and Molar pregnancies  I was worried this may be another failed attempt and worried about how he would cope. But the next day when he came home from work, once he was in bed nice and relaxed i broke the news. He wasn’t excited, or happy, but concerned, understandably. I went to the doctor and explained my history and had a blood test done to help pick up any early signs of something being wrong. It was a long week waiting, but they came back fine. This didn’t reassure us totally, but helped a little bit. The minute i found out i was pregnant i began feeling tired beyond belief. Berrocca didn’t help at all and every day was a constant struggle, regardless of how much sleep i had and especially with a 2-year-old running around. Pregnancy with a 2 year old is tough, they want to be picked up all the time, they don’t understand why they can’t jump on mummy anymore or why they need to be more careful of mummy’s belly. I was extra worried, as i had no other pregnancy symptoms besides sore boobs and being really bloated. This was nothing like what i experienced first time around with Timothy! I haven’t been turned off any foods, nor craved anything. I’ve had no dizzy spells and not felt nauseous, which I feel very lucky and happy about but was worried as i expected to have these again. My sex drive, well lets just say, Poor Carl. 3 or 4 times in 6 months…But it actually physically hurts this time around, and i have no desire for any action whatsoever. The first time pregnant, total opposite, anytime any where.He just had to say so and i was on it! Too much info, sorry! But he has been very understanding.

We decided Me and Timmy would leave Sark earlier then scheduled and we would go to Carl’s parents in the UK a couple of weeks early so I could get a scan done before we went to Australia just in case there was something wrong. That way we could try to sort it out before we left for OZ. I had not told any of my family in OZ about my pregnancy at this stage and was very afraid of doing this because we had already arranged to stay with them while we were looking for work ect in Australia, adding my being pregnant to this wasn’t part of the deal! So after an anxious 2 weeks wait in England to get the scan, we finally got it done. We had a happy healthy baby with a heart beat. I cried, Carl’s mum cried, it was such a great day! I phoned Carl straight away to tell him as he was still working on Sark and wouldn’t be joining us for another few days. He was delighted and relieved baby was OK.


So what felt like forever waiting to know for the first 3 months was such a relief and i could finally start embracing my bloated belly bump i had been trying to hide. I plucked up the courage to tell the family in Australia. All happy, with some mixed emotions and a lot of questions. Which i was expecting. The tiredness continued but it had never left me although some days were better than others. So now we could fully focus on our big move to Australia living in oz, 3 month update knowing our little bean was just fine.

Once in Australia, I quickly organised to see midwives and get registered. I still struggled with tiredness and the jet lag did not help this at all. I just didn’t quite feel fine, i didn’t know what it was but i was not feeling myself. My body ached, tiredness was not backing off, i would one minute feel happy, the next want to yell at somebody for no particular reason. Every day was a constant struggle to just feel like me.I figured this was just a tougher pregnancy the 2nd time around. The heat in Australia didn’t help with high 30 degree days and even a couple of 40+ degree days thrown in this literally drained me, especially at night not being able to sleep as it was just unbearably hot. I started working which helped give me something else to focus on and i would fight through the tiredness. I could feel baby moving and kicking and that reassured me all was OK. We soon went for our next scan which all came back fine, although they say i have a low-lying placenta but most of the time these fix themselves. I will need to go for another scan next month to see if this is the case or not.

Next was the gestational diabetes test. I had not had this test when i was pregnant with Timothy. It was truly awful! I had the drink, which was bearable but only just! The first hour after drinking, I was getting hot and cold, going in between wanting to vomit and wanting to pass out. After the 2nd hour this soon passed and i was OK. Later that day i got the dreaded call that i did have gestational diabetes. I was devastated and cried a lot. Anyone who has had Gestational diabetes will know what this involves. Doing 4 times daily blood tests, regulating your blood sugars, monitoring and weighing your food and counting your carbohydrates intake every day. Extra dietitians appointments every 2 weeks Just to add to the list of everything else you have to do daily. In this blog i wont go much into it, as i plan on writing an in-depth blog about it once i have had baby and gone through the whole thing from start to finish as I’m still learning about it myself. I recently went to my follow-up dietitians appointment and it looks like my blood sugars are still too high even though I have pretty  much cut out all carbohydrates from my diet followed their recommended eating patterns and cut my meals down smaller. I’ve started loosing weight which isn’t good as this means baby isn’t getting enough in order to grow properly. I have a follow up appointment this Monday to see if i will need to go on Pills or insulin. I have just over 2 months left of my pregnancy to go, and its fair to say I’m ready for this to be done. Since I’ve been pregnant i have felt nothing but exhausted every single day, and I’m looking towards the finish line with so much excitement. I am just so ready to hold my little bundle in my arms and know baby is OK. I’m also ready to have my body back. I miss being able to sleep properly without little legs and arms kicking me and keeping me up all night, although if it’s not baby it is a 2-year-old. Soon enough it will be a baby and a 2 year old, so i really shouldn’t be complaining about this now. I know a few months after giving birth i will soon have forgotten the struggles and pains and i will miss being pregnant. It’s so weird how that works. I remember straight after having Timmy, i swore no more! 6 months later, I missed little feet kicking me and missed the baby belly and had forgotten the birth pain and how i felt for the first couple of months after giving birth and was ready to do it again. We women are made of pretty tough stuff! And while i’m ready for this pregnancy to be over, i’m trying my best to embrace the truly remarkable process occurring in my belly right now. I’m a lucky mum that’s for sure!

xx Life In A Mum Shell xx


Opinions & Judgments

The one thing since becoming a mum I can’t stand is people giving there opinion and passing judgment on your parenting skills, especially those who do not have children, or whose children are all grown up – times have changed, things are different now!

Since I have had Timmy, I try really hard not to pass judgment on other parents, you just don’t know there situation. When you see a mother loose her shit in a grocery store, pre mum me would have thought ‘bit of an over-reaction’ or ‘she shouldn’t yell at her kids like that’ but now I have had a child I see it differently.

I look at that mum with such sympathy and understanding, because who hasn’t been there right? And if you haven’t your sure to experience this very public melt down at some point and most likely more the once. There are so many events which could have led her to the very public meltdown for instance, a child who wakes up in a fowl mood after being up most of the night and doesn’t want anything you give them for breakfast and throws it all over the floor or at you. Then refuses to get dressed running around the house screaming so you need to tackle them while they are kicking and screaming while you struggle to put their clothes or nappy on. Once they look semi decent, you the try to make yourself look decent,  while the child screams at you or bangs on the door of the bathroom while you are trying to get a comb through your hair and brush your teeth in an attempt to feel and look human, meanwhile you finally manage to get out of the house, the child refuses to sit in his car seat and straightens out as stiff as a board so its impossible to strap him in. Once you finally make it to the shops only to realize there is a big stain from your child smeared all over your shirt.( Never judge a mum who hasn’t a clean shirt on, they don’t do it intentionally, I should know!) The child refuses to sit in their pram or trolley, then decide they don’t like their shoes, at some point pull them off and by the time you realize its too late there long gone. So when you see that mum loose her shit, have some sympathy. Don’t be so quick to judge as kids and parents have bad days. Just last week I was out shopping and another heavily pregnant lady was walking through the shops with a toddler who was lying on the floor screaming and kicking their legs. I truly felt for her and gave her the smile that said “it’s ok, I understand” look. She looked so mortified and stressed yet trying so hard to keep calm.

Its even worse when Family and friends chip in with their 2 cents of advice. Even if its well meaning and coming from a good place, if you haven’t asked for it, it should be give unless absolutely necessary and can be some way helpful and not insulting. I’ve heard plenty of comments coming my way such as “he is too old to still be I nappy’s why is he not potty trained?” or “your routine isn’t working, why do you bother?” or ” your son is naughty, you need to stop him doing this or that” or “he should eat less of this, more of that, you shouldn’t feed him this…” I literally could go on all day with the comments that come way from ‘well-meaning’ friends and family.

What is sometimes even worse when you ask someone for there advice on a situation and they don’t give it to you, but then after you have made a decision and acted on it they then feel free to give you there advice on how you handled it “oh, I wouldn’t of done it that way, I thought that was wrong when you were doing it, I would have don’t it this way!” that has happened to me so may times. Say something when I ask you, not later as it doesn’t help then!

As a parent you take each day as it comes, and make the best decisions for your child at the time. Comments like these can be really hurtful and upsetting and make you feel like your not a good enough parent or make you feel you are letting your child down in someway. I have cried a lot over many comments like these, especially when I am trying my best as a mother.

That’s my rant for today, hope you enjoy!

xx Life In A Mum Shell xx