Non Mummy Me VS Mummy Me

Oh how my life has changed since having Kiddies. So much has changed! Where to even begin.

Before kiddies;

  • I could sleep in on a weekend until whatever time I liked, sometimes I could sleep in until well after 1pm. I could go to bed when ever I liked without worrying about being woken in the night.
  • Shopping was an enjoyable pleasure. I could shop for hours, go for coffee and all I had to carry was my handbag and shop for ME.
  • Oh, handbags, I remember those. I used to have a collection of at least 10. I had more handbags than shoes.
  • Yes, shoes. They had height, nice pretty unpractical shoes. Shoes I wore because they looked nice, not for the comfort.
  • Dinning out, whenever I wanted. eating in peace and while it’s still hot! The things I used to take for granted!
  • Going out with friends and making plans last-minute. There’s nothing like phoning a friend and saying I’m bored, let’s go out!! ah, to be spontaneous!
  • Clothes, worn to look pretty and nice, oh the days of wearing white and the days of wearing expensive clothes.
  • Makeup…yes, I used to wear makeup everyday. And brush my hair every day! I used to even take the time to straighten my hair! Wow, go me!
  • Drinking, oh to be able to drink without much thought knowing you would wake up eat greasy food and slouch around the following day nursing your sore head. This happend Atleast 3x a week.

After kiddies;

  • My day starts by 6am at the latest, 7am is considered a sleep in! The last time I had a full nights sleep without being woken in the night….before kiddies!
  • Shopping is now something I avoid at all costs, there’s now 2 kids to wrangle with…getting in and out of the car, the pram, the nappie bag, the tantrums. and can only go into shops that can fit a buggie and contain no breakables! Forget trying on clothes, its impossible! Clothes shopping for kiddies clothes is now my guilty pleasure, I could spend every last cent on my boys! My groceries shopping is done online, going into coles or woolies is a nightmare with Timmy. He wants everything he see’s and inevitably ends in a tantrum!
  • Handbags, only reserved for when I get a rare occasion to go out on my own. And my collection is now 3 bags, not the 10+ I used to have! Otherwise i’m sporting an oh so trendy mum nappy bag! All the way from Hawaii.
  • Shoes are now trainers, flat shoes and Thongs( flipflops). long gone are heels and wearing shoes just because they look nice!
  • Dining out….haha. There’s no such thing anymore! If anything its a cheeky Thai or pizza takeaway after the kids are in bed. A rare luxury these days.
  • oh making plans, you better check with me a good week in advance, that’s considered spontaneous!
  • Clothes, these days its breast-feeding maternity tops and leggings….yup, that’s my wardrobe! and I only buy cheap clothes, there only going to get vomited on, pissed on or marked and stained by sticky dirty Timmy hands. When at home, my dressing gown is my staple item.
  • Makeup, ha, you would be lucky if most days I brush my teeth and get a comb through my hair. Super Sexy these days, I know!
  • Hangovers….a thing of the past. It is not worth it while needing to look after kiddies. that’s pure torture! While most days I really could do with a drink or 10, breastfeeding still stops me. I think I have had a total of 3 drinks since giving birth to Elijah. That’s it!

XX Life In A Mum Shell XX

Living in Oz – 8 month update!

It has been 5 month’s since my last update on how we are all settling into OZ. So it’s about time I filled you all in as I get asked all the time how we are going over here, and a lot has changed since my last update living in oz, 3 month update so read on to find out.

So as soon as Carl was not on his Tourist Visa and got put on his Bridging visa, he started looking for work. He spoke with a few recruitment agencies and had a couple of job interviews before finally landing a job. When he started looking for work, we had 2 options. He could find work in the city, which meant a move closer that way and the travel by train every day, or we could look down south and try find a place to live down there. He found a job down south he liked with decent pay where he could support us all while I’m off work with the children and with decent hours so we would be seeing more of him. So south it was, he accepted the job and it was time for us to find a house to move into. We looked close to where he was working, but they were great let downs, you could not have paid me to live in any of them. Plus there was not a great selection or options available. So we decided to look around the area my family live in, it would mean a 45 minute commute to work for Carl every day though. We looked at a few houses, but none me and Carl could agree on, until the real estate agent convinced us to look at one property, which was a good $50PW over our budget.  We are glad he did, as it was perfect. Carl was sold before he even walked in the door! We agree’d that although our budget would be tight, we would make it work! We applied, and we got the house. Next, I needed to stop my temping work, which by this stage I was becoming very heavily pregnant and I was missing being home with my son so I handed in my notice. I would need to drive Carl to work every day, (45 min there, 45 min back). He had just gone for his learners licence which he passed, but he needs to drive with a full licenced driver in the car at all times. He has gone for some lessons, and hopefully will soon go for his test to get his green p’s so I do not have to take him to work every day.

So I stopped working, Carl started work and we moved into our new house. After we moved in there were a few teething issues with the house, which the first month or two were spent with different contractors coming and going to fix these issues, but all has settled down now, and we are settling in properly. I spent my days going to and from various doctors and specialists appointments. I had gestational diabetes which I struggled to control and was put on insulin, so this meant lots of appointments every week and all in Campbelltown. A fair drive from where we live. Timmy was in school 2 days a week, these were ‘my day’s off’. Then comes march, and little Elijah joins us. Read about his birth story here: Laboring Eli . If I thought life was hard with one, I was in for a shock when baby came along. I could handle the Baby who sleeps lots, feeds well and rarely cries. What I was not prepared for was Timmy’s stage he would soon start of back chatting and finding naughty ways of seeking extra attention. He has moments when he is just so beautiful, sweet and caring but then days when I want to hide in the cupboard with a bottle of wine and wait until its all over. Since the wine and cupboard are not an option, it’s lot’s of yelling, naughty corners and being put in his bedroom. Needless to say, days when he is at school are my favorite days of the week!! But recently I have started doing a “Me and Timmy day” when Carl is off I leave baby with him and I take Timmy out and we go to cafe’s, the park, reading time at the library. Basically anywhere. Its really nice to just have a bit of us Time again. He tends to behave really well on these outings.

When we first moved from England to Australia, we started potty training Timmy. It took a few months for him to start going by himself, but he did eventually. While we were living with family, he wasn’t interested much in potty training. We tried the stickers when he would wee and poo, we tried the kiddie seat on the toilet, we tried an actual potty, we even resorted to bribing with treats, bad I know! but a lot of the time he would not do it. It was when he started school, he started to want to do it by himself. I guess he saw other children using the toilet and was keen to copy them. Now he goes by himself and only needs help when he does a poo, we need to wipe his bum. Accidents are rare these days, and I find when he does an accident, its not an accident, its on purpose to get some attention.

So we are all adjusting to being a family of 4, Carl is really happy in his job and I have just enrolled myself to study a Diploma of Early Learning Childcare and Education. I was very undecided about what I wanted to do after having Timmy, but what sealed the deal was doing the temping reception/ admin work when I first got to OZ and I decided that was just too boring and mind numbing work. It was OK for a week or 2, but after that I hated it. So childcare is def where I want to start working when I enter the work force again. But for right now, I’m content with my newest little man, and my eldest little terror. They are challenging enough.

I have had a few social outings where I have met up with some friends, had some play dates with all their kiddies which has been really nice and refreshing. We have had a few family days out, to the Blue Mountains, Botanic Gardens and to Featherdale Wild Life Park. I visit the family once or twice a week to say hi and catch up, or just to annoy them. In a couple of weeks it is Timmy’s Birthday, so I am currently starting to plan his birthday party. He is into Thomas, and more currently Spider Man! So he wants a Spider Man cake and jumping Castle, but he wants Thomas decorations. I have asked a good friend to make Timmy’s spider-man cake. Timmy is very excited about his party. I took him shopping to help choose his decorations. I could not get a spider-man jumping castle, as it was too big for the yard, so we had to settle on a smaller cars themed one. That’s fine, does the same job!! I will be sure to write a post all about his party at a later stage. It is my first time organising a party! His first birthday was in Reading, England. I didn’t do a party, just met some mum friends in the park and had a picnic, and also Carl had a work function on his birthday, so we went to that! Then his second birthday we were on Sark again, he had a birthday party which I held at his preschool. I just had to send out some invites and arrange food, they set everything up and hosted it which was great! So this year will be my first time properly organizing and hosting a birthday party!

Timmy started swimming lessons last week, I was so proud of him. He got straight in and was absolutely loving it! I ran into a friend there also, who takes her little one for swimming lessons on the same day. So that that will be good to see her there next time. I have also plucked up the courage to try out a new playgroup. I have been twice now, Timmy really enjoys it, it’s not busy and its nice to have a girly mum chat about everything once a week. So now my days are pretty full all week now with lots of activities. I am finally finding a bit of a routine to my weeks, It is really nice.

So I think this is us all updated for now.

XX Life In A Mum Shell XX



Mother’s Day

This post comes a little late, but I have been very ill the past couple of weeks with the flu and also very busy. So here it is, better late then never!

Mother’s day will always be bitter sweet for me. My mother died when I was only 1 years old, leaving my dad to look after my older sister 3yrs, myself 1yrs, and my younger sister 2 months old.

My Dad, me and my older sister

Growing up with one parent was confusing for me when I was younger. All my friends had a mum and dad, were all still together. I was the only one I knew with one parent. Mothers day at school was something I dreaded, I absolutely hated it. The teachers would give us mothers day cards to color in and decorate, which was always fine with me – I would give these to my dad. Then one year, the teacher gave me a different stencil to color in, I think it was a left over Christmas or Easter stencil instead and claimed I might prefer to do those instead. I was so embarrassed as all the other kids asked why I wasn’t doing mother’s day card’s like them. I had to tell them why. I think I was only in year one or 2, so i was fairly young but I remember it like it was yesterday.

Then the following year the teacher asked me if I would prefer to do something else instead of a Mother’s day card, I chose to do the card. I would give it to my dad of course! That’s when I decided Mothers day would be Mothers-fathers day. Dad did both roles, so why not celebrate mothers day with him. Over the years we made some awful breakfasts which we were super proud of and take it to him in bed with a coffee. We would give him awful gifts we had brought at the mother’s day stall at school… truly, they only had things like soap, pot purri, and everything was pink and frilly, or they had these little chocolate balls covered in coconut. They never catered for anyone in my situation. One year, I brought him a pair of pink ballerina plastic pot purri shoes, which to his credit, he hung on his wall in his bedroom for many years.

When I started the work force I hated and avoided talk of Mother’s day, when all the ladies gathered in the kitchen talking about there plans, I would excuse myself or avoid the gathering until the conversation had moved on to something else. I just did not want to be asked “what will you be doing for mother’s day” then having to make up something stupid like “oh, not much, just having a nice dinner” as that was easier then telling them my mother died when I was little and having to put up with the “oh, im so sorry” “oh it must be so hard for you” etc. It’s just awkward and weird.

My Mum

So now I have grown up and  have my own family and I feel extremely blessed that I get to celebrate mother’s day with my 2 boys. Mother’s day is now not a day I want to hurry up and pass, but a day I can now participate in and give it new meaning. Mother’s day will always be a little sad for me, as it is a reminder of the mother I have lost and who I can never celebrate mother’s day with – even though I do not remember her or never got to know her. I will always wonder what her voice sounded like, what her favorite color was,  her favorite food, song or perfume ect which will always be unanswered, and I hope I am around long enough for my children not to ever have to wonder anything about me. I can never tell my mum I love her, give her a hug, share girly chats or to have a special bond. But I have photos of her which will remain very special and I don’t take being a mum for granted, it is a true gift, one I am living that my mother didn’t get to, which makes me very sad for her. I appreciate being a mum so much more I think as I did not grow up with one. And it is only now I can truly appreciate what my dad had to go through raising us. I have 2 children and a partner and find it tough at times, I couldn’t imagine what it would have been like raising 3 young girls as a single parent and needing to work full time. It takes a special kinda person.

So this past mother’s day I had a lovely day which I celebrated with my 2 children, my sister, step brother and step mother. We had a lovely lunch, where I even treated myself to a glass of bubbly. I feel so blessed I am lucky enough to be a mum, and that my dad who much later in life found someone to take on and step up in the role of looking after not only her own 2 children but taking on 3 others. Even though we were much older by this stage, it was not easy going for many years. But we all finally found our way and now we have another reason to be grateful on mother’s day!

XX Life In A Mum Shell XX

A Rough Day….

They don’t give you qualifications for being a parent, it would be impossible to complete all the modules needed in a lifetime, there is no training, no preparation for the door you walk through into parenthood. There is nothing in the world that will give you such highs and lows as parenting. Yet I wouldn’t change a thing. One minute I’m in awe of my eldest, who to me is still my baby. He can be such a gentle soul, sweet, caring and loving. But then he turns 360 and is just impossible to deal with, there is just no negotiating with him! Today was a constant stream of pushing my buttons – it was a rough day to say the least! Its days like today, I think how on earth did my dad manage with 3 girls entirely on his own? He is still alive, were all still alive….he did well!

Next month my son turns 3 (forget terrible two’s, they were a breeze….the closer we get to the 3’s I’m starting to get scared!) I’m a full-time stay at home mum and today I wish i had a job that wasn’t being at home. Today, I don’t want to be at home. I’m tired, I want to sleep for 7 days straight un-interrupted. I’m sore – I’m a full-time milking machine to Elijah, i constantly smell of stale milk and today you can add vomit and wee to the mix. I have snot stains on my shirt from Timmy who uses my shirt as a tissue. My son is walking around the house with no pants on as after insisting he did not need a wee, pissed himself and refused to put clean clothes on. I have not brushed my teeth or my hair and I’m wearing yesterdays clothes which i slept in last night as i was too tired to get changed. I have thrown on my dressing gown instead of a nice jumper as it will only become the vomit catcher and snot wiper along with any other muck my son joyfully wipes on me.

Today is a battle with Timmy over everything, breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, the swing at the park, bath time, when and how often Elijah needs feeding – then  proceeds to climb all over me and yell in my ear as I’m trying to feed his brother, he insists on helping with hanging out the washing, where most of the clothes end up on the grass, or he sits on the basket!

Today is one of those days when i really would love a glass of wine (damn breast-feeding!) I need to switch of from all things children for an hour or so… today was hard. It is nice to have this blog and just throw out my frustrations out there and be done with it. Tomorrow is a new day, and here’s hoping it will be a better day.

My son is now peacefully asleep, I love watching him sleep and I once again promise ill try to be more patient and do less yelling tomorrow. High five to all you parents that have survived a rough day, it makes you appreciate the good days so much more!

xx Life In A Mum Shell xx


Laboring Eli

The 23rd March was like any other day, except at 2pm my waters would break. I was at home with Timmy, I had just put him down for a nap and laid down ready for a snooze myself when my waters broke. Yay, finally!!!

I was booked in the following day to be induced, as I had Gestational Diabetes and they did not want me going any longer. But obviously baby had other ideas! So as soon as my water broke, I went to the bathroom leaving puddles of water everywhere on my way. I called my partner, no answer as he was at work. So I sent him a text which said “waters broke”  then I quickly tried my dad to see where he was, lucky for me, unlucky for him, he was at home! so I told him my waters broke, but I was going for a bath and not to rush over (he was my lift to the hospital) as Timmy is still asleep and I’ve got no pains at all. So Carl calls me back, he is at work and will stay for a while there…we have been through this before and we know its going to be a while before anything happens so no point in him rushing back.  I get in the bath and dad turns up, he is a bit paniky, so I reassure him not to panic, I’m in no pain, let me get ready and don’t wake Timmy… well he wakes Timmy up straight away…silly move. Now I have an excited 2 year old running around the house wanting to help!

Finally we get the car packed with my thousand bags and we head to the hospital where we are met by my step mum who has just finished a shift there. They come with me to the maternity ward, i’m glad they did because we get there and are told I need to wait in the waiting room as there are currently no beds for me and they have an emergency they are dealing with. So while we are waiting, I go through 3 pairs of underwear as my waters are still leaking, its the worst feeling! you feel like you are constantly peeing yourself! I never had that with Timmy, he was one gush that was it.

Not long after, they take me into a room, hook me up to a machine which monitors baby’s heart beat and my contractions – or lack of – I was hooked up to a drip as I needed antibiotics as I tested positive to that swab you get towards the end. But also because I was having no contractions and of the positive result, they decided they would give me medication to kick start my contractions as they were worried about infection. So by this point its getting on 6 or 7pm, im texting friends and family having good old chats, carl has arrived at the hospital and im still in no pain so they up the medication, and then up it again!! It was at 8.30pm it got painful, and fast! It was an hour of full on contractions, me screaming in pain before baby Elijah was born at 9.40pm.

The minute Elijah was born, I felt amazing…its hard to explain, but if you have read my 30 week pregnancy post 30 weeks pregnant you will know how tough this pregnancy was on me. I had Gestational diabetes and was on 2 insulin’s, always tired and never felt right. It really made enjoying being pregnant hard. Well, the minute I gave birth, I instantly felt so much better! Besides the after contractions, which were incredibly painful and lasted a good week after the birth, I was happy and full of energy!

The midwives were really nice through out the labor and after while helping me feed Elijah. I was nervous about trying breast feeding again, as I didn’t have much success the first time with Timmy. Breast Feeding, Conflicting Advice, Nipple Shields & Mastitis. So I was thrilled when Elijah was willing to suck. It took me 3 painful weeks to get the positioning and latching right, but we are finally there now at 4 weeks, still a little painful but not as bad!

I stayed in hospital for 2 days, I had to stay in for minimum of 24 hours because of my gestation diabetes both me and Elijah needed to get our bloods tested to make sure we were ok. Lucky Elijah’s were all fine, but mine were a little funny before coming good in the end otherwise they wouldn’t have let me go home if they don’t return to normal! I wanted to stay the extra day to make sure I knew what I was doing when it came to feeding Elijah.

While I was in hospital, Timmy came to visit and meet his brother for the first time. He was so excited. It was such a special moment when he got to see him, and said “hello baby brother Elijah”. He held him, gave him kisses, I even let him help push the baby in his bed out for a walk to get me some water! I was very nervous when it was time to go home, I was very worried how I would handle a new baby and Timmy. To be honest, it’s been stressful these past few weeks as we are all trying to settle into a routine and get used to having a baby among us. I have let Timmy watch more tv then he ever has before, and I’ve yelled at poor Timmy more then I care to remember. I have only had a couple of sad days when I’ve got worked up and had a good cry due to my crazy hormones, but lucky Carl was understanding and was there to support me and try make me feel better.It has not been easy and was only last week I dared ventured out by myself with them both alone. Before this I would always make sure I had someone with me when I would go out with them. I  genuinely was afraid to go out with them myself. We went to the park and fed the ducks, had a little picnic and on the way home decided to get Timmy’s hair cut, was a successful day out! I’m still figuring out how to juggle 2 kiddies, but ill get there eventually!

Elijah is 4 weeks old today. I have to say, so far as babies go he is pretty easy. He rarely cries, when he wakes at night he doesn’t cry he just fusses and sucks his hand until i go to him. If i take too long, over half an hour, then he starts to cry, but he is a chilled little man. He loves bath times, and loves his cuddles!! Since he was born I’ve been trying to follow a routine from the Gina Ford The Contented Little Baby Book. I did this with Timmy, and it truly helped, but I started this when he was 3 months old…if only I had found the book earlier with him! A Routine and why it saved me! Elijah is a sleepy baby, he needs a lot of sleep, so until today his sleeping wasn’t fitting in with the routine, but his eating was. Then last night he went from 2am, right through until 7am. I was so happy and today his eating and sleeping has fallen into the 2-4 week routine in the book! I am a huge fan of routines, it helps me through the chaos of my day. This book worked so well with Timmy, I had to give it a go with Elijah.

So we are all still adjusting to life as 4 now, but its going good and we couldn’t imagine life any other way. Chaos and all.

XX Life In A Mum Shell  XX

Timmy’s First Easter Hat Parade

I am one of those parents that loves the idea of arts n crafts. I’m always adding to Timmy’s Arts n crafts box, toilet rolls, bits of paper and other odd bits i find. In my imagination, we sit down choose something to make and Timmy does it nicely, little mess and ill frame the wonderful art work he would create. Well, my imagination only lets me down, because I find sitting down with Timmy to do arts and crafts is painful. Its messy, frustrating as he doesn’t listen, grabs paper which ends up torn everywhere all over the floor and continues to glue everything he shouldn’t (like the table!!). The said art work that has been painful to watch him try and make is not even framable . At best it goes goes on the fridge, and at some point ends up disappearing.

So when I walked into drop him off  at school on Monday and was told there would be an Easter hat parade on Friday I was mixed with excitement – Yay! his first Easter hat parade, and that quickly followed by fear – I knew nothing about making a hat, I wish I was more crafty, but i’m just not – I asked the teachers for a bit of advice on how to make a hat. They suggested getting just a plastic or felt hat, and buying some stickers, or other bits and pieces to stick on! simple and easy. How hard could this be? I was filled with optimism and walked away thinking of wonderful things I would make for his hat!

Well in typical me fashion I leave the hat making until the very last minute. The day before the Easter hat parade, I run out to base warehouse at 4pm, right before they are about to shut. I have Timmy with me, who is running around the shops getting random items for his hat….an umbrella, a cup…, “but mummy, i neeeeeeed this for my hat!!” There is slim picking of plastic hats left, what is left is too big for his head, the felt hats were way too small… then I spot one hat left, its rubber, purple and it fits, well it’s a tiny bit too big, but we could get away with it!! I find some baby chicks, stickers, glue, glitter and some weird purple nesty string stuff and some cotton balls. we were good to go!!


We get home, set it all up, i’m excited, Timmy’s excited, I start sticking cotton balls on, the baby chicks then dad jumps in so I can feed baby, thank you! I feed baby while they finish it off….glitter and all. were all very proud of the finished product and cant wait to take it to school the next day! So the next day I turn up to the parade, I walk into the room and there is glitter ALL OVER the carpet. It doesn’t take me long to realise Timmy’s hat is the only one with glitter on it…oh dear. Then the teacher asks me loudly from across the room, “mummy, when did we finish Timmy’s hat?” I turn red, i know where this is going…” last night, sorry!” “Yes, i figured, I have glitter all over me!” then another teacher pips in, “yes, i have it everywhere, look!”… so my proud hat moment has dissapeared as i realize our hat isn’t as great as I thought. Timmy’s turn to strut his stuff, as he is walking there is glitter glue dripping from his hat, and he has to hold it on his head as it is too big and heavy!! I’m now a very embarrassed mummy at our epic fail of a Easter hat! But despite all this, Timmy doesn’t seem to notice, and I return to being super proud of him as he walks down the isle. I sit there proud as punch, grinning from ear to ear, taking a thousand photos – then all of a sudden, the failed Easter hat attempt doesn’t matter anymore. Timmy loved his hat and really enjoyed the parade. I walked away a very proud mummy. I feel sorry for the teachers at the end…when all the parents start leaving, every single child, including my own starts crying for there parents!

So I have learned some very valuable lessons for next year. DON’T leave the hat making until the last minute, and DON’T use glitter or glitter glue!!! Also, I need a glue gun.

Have you had an Easter hat fail or a great success? I would love to hear about them and see some pictures, please do share them with me 🙂

xx Life In A Mum Shell xx



Dear Timmy,

How my life has changed in the short 2, almost 3 years you have been in my life. Mostly for the better, I wouldn’t change a thing! You were the blessing baby i never imagined and never saw coming. I could never have imagined how much love I could ever have experienced from the very first time i felt you kick to the first time I held you. With every day since i love you more and more as i watch you grown, learn and become this inquisitive, curious, energy ball of a little human. You are filled with so much love, curiosity for everything, you are such a gentle soul, caring, cheeky, smart and a lovable little boy.

Your dad and I must be doing something right because you are more than we ever could have possibly hoped for. Don’t get me wrong, you most definitely have your challenging days just like all other 2 years old’s, but I must say there far and few in between. The good most definitely outweighs the bad!

I love how excited you get about becoming a big brother, how much you want to help. Every day you ask to see baby and give my belly a big cuddle. You even say “I love you” to my belly. You are going to make the most amazing big brother, and I’m really excited to see you grow into this role and teach your little sibling all about life. Baby is very lucky to have you be their big brother.

Just as you are learning about life and everything around you, mummy and daddy are learning every day how to be parents. We are not perfect and don’t always get things right. But we try every day and your dad and I make a good team when we are faced with challenges together. Sometimes their scary and unknown to us and we don’t know what to do, but we always have your best interests at heart and put you first.

You have forever changed our lives and we are forever grateful for the love, craziness and mayhem you have brought to our lives. Every day you make me want to be a better person and to always strive for better. I will never be perfect and I wont always get things right, but I will never stop trying. You teach mummy how to be a better person every day, when you are hurt, sick or scared I get an inner strength I never knew i had inside and i become strong for you even though i am petrified, sad or hurting for you on the inside. When you are not around is only when i let the tears fall and your dad becomes my rock I need to lean on. Every single day, I have fears for you, wanting to keep you safe from harm, when your hurt it takes every inch of me not to cry as I want to make you better and make all the hurt go away.

As long as you know how much you are loved, safe, protected and supported and always will be until my last breath. Being a mum is the most scariest thing I have and will ever do, yet the most rewarding and loving thing I will ever do in my life. I couldn’t be prouder of the little human you are. Your my everything!

Mummy and Daddy love you Too Much!!! xxxx