Teething – a different experience with each child.

Isn’t it funny how different our children can be? They come from the same parents, raised virually the same, yet are so different! My 2 boys are so far very different in so many things. Timmy is very chilled, placid and a go with the flow kinda kid. When he was little he wasn’t the most cuddly child, he would never fall asleep on you, unless he was unwell. As he has grown, he has become more cuddly, but not a whole lot, he is getting more affectionate. Elijah is temperamental and very demanding but very cuddly. he will fall asleep on you he loves his cuddles and being held.

So its no wonder they were very different when it comes to teething also. Timmy would not take a teething toy, nothing! He was the sort of child that would not put anything in his mouth unless it was food. I did not have a worry about him, but when it came to trying to help with his teething, nothing worked, except calpol. Everyone said to get him a Sophie the giraffe, they raved on about this bloody thing, all the kids loved them…..except timmy! I paid close to 20 pounds online for this thing, and he wouldn’t put it near his mouth nor play with it! Had he of done, I wouldn’t have minded paying so much for it, however it was a waste of money and never got touched. In the end I gave it away, hopefully it went to a more useful home!

Elijah, well he would have loved sophie the giraffe, this child puts everything and everything in his mouth! except dummies…I tried them on him when he was about 3 months old thinking it would help his teething or help with the crying. nope, he wasn’t having none of it! I’m sort of glad he didn’t take to dummies because ive never been keen on them, but at the time when I was going through PND and trying to deal with a threenanger, and a baby who kept crying I would have been happy if he took a dummy and cried less!

so I brought some teething rings you put in the freezer, but I find these are so big in there little mouths, and when it is cold outside, he isn’t keen on touching a freezing teething ring. In sumer its good as it helps cooling him down. I also found frozen berries works well, he loves frozen berries so it works well, but I only started them once he ws well established at chewing!

recently I was lucky enough to collaborate withΒ Three.plus.me.17 on Instagram. It is a small Australian company that makes home made Silicon Teething items, necklaces teething rings, bracelets and keyrings ect. I decided to reach out as I loved the look of their items. I was sent 2 teething necklaces, I had not tried teething necklaces before, and honestly wish I had found them sooner! I was sent the most lovely baby blue and grey necklace seenΒ here Elijah loves it. and the more subtle black and blue necklace, both go with anything I am wearing. I had stopped wearing jewellery when I had my boys as they pull on them and want to put them in there mouths, but with a teething necklace this is exactly its purpose, so its a winner!

So that’s my experience with my first two boys on teething. very different experiences and reactions to teething. would love to hear bout your experiences, please share them, or add a link to your post below x

Candice xx

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