My biggest Baby

So Timmy is now 4 years old. I still remember the day he was born like yesterday. On Friday he officially started in the big room at Pre school. while I was super excited for him, as was he, I was sad. He is no longer my little baby. But something tells me, even when he is 20 I will still see him as my baby. Mean while I have Elijah who is 17months, and a new baby on the way due next month, only a few weeks away. But every new milestone Timmy hits just makes me realise how fast time goes. How precious these days with them being so small are.

Timmy loves his preschool, he adores his teachers, makes friends really easy and is just a nice natured child. However challenging he may be at times. I’m so lucky I’ve been able to be the stay at home mum and get to witness these days. They really do go so fast! Although he wont be going to big school next year, him being in the big room where they practice school readiness is such a big thing for him, and for me! I’m so proud of the little person he is becoming. Every night when he is asleep before I go to bed myself I ALWAYS go in and check on him, give him a kiss and tell him I love him. when he sleeps, his sleeping face is the exact same as when he was a newborn, I’m transported back in time and my heart grows even more with love and gratitude for the little gift he is. The day he was born my life changed in a way that set me on my life’s purpose. Every day I live and breathe for these little munchkins, there are some days when I wish I was at work instead of at home, but these days don’t happen very often andΒ  usually follow days of me being so thankful. Times can be challenging, but when there good, it just means even more.

So that’s my post for today, just reflecting, and feeling a whole lot of different emotions as you do being a parent!

Candice xx

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