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Weaning from breast milk or formula.

At some point all parents need to think about moving on from breast milk or formula to other milk products such as cows milk, almond milk, soy milk ect. I have been very lucky with both my boys, weaning them both has been a very easy transition. I started both my boys at around 11 months. I started daily by substituting there formula in their cereal, by replacing it with full cream cows milk. This way it was not a lot at first, and I would know if it had an effect on them such as diahoreah, rashes or any severe reactions. After a bout a week I slowly started to add cows milk into a Sippy cup as well as in his cereal. Once another week had past I slowly replaced all formula with cows milk. By 1 years, Elijah was fully weaned and only drinking cows milk! So this was a great for me and a relief knowing there was no reactions or allergies to the milk. I did the exact same process with both boys and both worked out really well for me.

I recently read on an article about moving your child onto Almond Milk for Kids which I found really interesting, as to be honest I had not thought about giving any other milk products to my kids. I have always drank cows milk, as its what I was brought up on, its what I know. I usually use almond milk in smoothies or on cereal. Sometimes I will even try coconut milk or coconut water in smoothies, which I’m not the greatest fan of I must say!

I would love to know your weaning experiences, good or bad and any tips you may have on weaning little ones from formula or breast! Everyone has different experiences, and learns new tips and tricks along the way, so share them with us!

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