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Is November too soon to start Christmas?

So there has been a bit of a debate in our house of late. Our Son Timmy has been coming home with Christmas decorations, including reindeer food he made last week at school and it is only Mid November!

Magic Reindeer food

I love Christmas, I look forward to December every single year. Yes I look forward to DECEMBER! For me, Christmas starts December 1st. This is when it is acceptable to put up your tree, make your Christmas decorations, and basically get as christmassy as you like! I understand the children start learning their christmas carol songs as their christmas concert is early december, so this is forgiven. But Reindeer food a month and half early before christmas? bit too soon?! like I said, im all for christmas, its my all time favourite time of the year! But even I have to say november is a bit to early to be pulling out the reindeer food!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject, do you work in child care or schools and when do you start your christmas theme? When do you put your tree up at home? Personally it all starts december 1st for me but I do know a lot of people who start decorating their houses very early, each too their own! Do you agree with November is too soon or are you all about Christmas as soon as possible?!

look forward to hearing all your comments!

xx Candice xx

4 thoughts on “Is November too soon to start Christmas?”

  1. For me, the pre-Christmas season starts on 1st Advent, which is 3rd December this year. My parents don’t put their tree up until Christmas Eve, then it stays up for the 12 days of Christmas (yes, Christmas doesn’t actually start until 25th December!!) However, my husband is used to putting his up at the begging of December, so in our house we compromise and it goes up half way through December, and never before St Nicholas Day (6th December).

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    1. Lovely traditions! since we were little its always gone up the 1st, its the day i look forward to. Although, we have moved country and do not have a Christmas tree or any Christmas decorations yet, so i think our tree may be put up very late in December this year! I do love hearing other peoples stories about family traditions around this time of the year. It is very interesting how people go about doing their Christmas traditions.


    1. Yes, that is the hard part. If i start on the 1st of December, my son gets his advent calendar and can do the counting down from then, it isn’t so long to wait. They started Christmas at his school the beginning of November and he has been asking when Santa will come ever since…. Its hard for them to understand! I do love the magic and anticipation of Christmas, the excitement leading up to it, Watching the children’s excitement grow, i must say i get a lot more enjoyment out of Christmas since becoming a mum. Its brought a whole new world of magic to Christmas seeing it through my son’s eyes.


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