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Q&A with Timmy

So I have seen A lot of these types of things on Facebook and other peoples blogs where they ask there children at random some questions and see what the answers are. I decided today I would do this with Timmy who will be 3 next week. I’m actually surprised by some of his answers.

This is what happend.

  1. What makes mummy happy – Me helping you
  2. What makes daddy happy – Me helping him
  3. What is your favorite color – Purple
  4. Whats your favorite food – Sausages
  5. Whats your favorite fruit – Oranges
  6. What do you like to watch on TV – The show me and you watched, Tinkerbell
  7. What games do you like to play – The game on your phone
  8. What is your favorite animal – Horse and a cow
  9. What makes mummy sad – Not helping her
  10. How old is mummy – 7
  11. How old are you – 7
  12. What is mummy’s favorite food – coke (laughs!)
  13. What is mummy good at – helping me tidy the house
  14. What is mummy’s job – helping me
  15. What do we do together – chill out
  16. What do you sleep with – bison
  17. What do you like to do outside – play with my play-dough, do some drawing and painting and stick stickers everywhere!
  18. What do you like to eat for lunch – sandwiches
  19. What do you like to eat at granddad and grandma’s house – icelollies
  20. What does daddy like to drink – beer
  21. What does mummy like to drink – coke 
  22. What is your favorite drink –  poppas

So this was a little bit of fun today. Have you tried this with your children? If so I would love to know what were some of the funniest, strangest or most surprising answers you got?

XX Life In A Mum Shell XX



9 thoughts on “Q&A with Timmy”

  1. Hehe I love this! What does daddy like to drink? Beer! My children would say the exact same thing! Timmy is adorable, this really made me smile! Thank you for joining us at #sharingthebloglove

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  2. I love this! I did something similar last year when my daughter turned 4, I can’t wait to do it again this year and see what a difference there is the answers! I like that he know helping you makes you happy! Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

    Liked by 1 person

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