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Non Mummy Me VS Mummy Me

Oh how my life has changed since having Kiddies. So much has changed! Where to even begin.

Before kiddies;

  • I could sleep in on a weekend until whatever time I liked, sometimes I could sleep in until well after 1pm. I could go to bed when ever I liked without worrying about being woken in the night.
  • Shopping was an enjoyable pleasure. I could shop for hours, go for coffee and all I had to carry was my handbag and shop for ME.
  • Oh, handbags, I remember those. I used to have a collection of at least 10. I had more handbags than shoes.
  • Yes, shoes. They had height, nice pretty unpractical shoes. Shoes I wore because they looked nice, not for the comfort.
  • Dinning out, whenever I wanted. eating in peace and while it’s still hot! The things I used to take for granted!
  • Going out with friends and making plans last-minute. There’s nothing like phoning a friend and saying I’m bored, let’s go out!! ah, to be spontaneous!
  • Clothes, worn to look pretty and nice, ohΒ the days of wearing white and the days of wearing expensive clothes.
  • Makeup…yes, I used to wear makeup everyday. And brush my hair every day! I used to even take the time to straighten my hair! Wow, go me!
  • Drinking, oh to be able to drink without much thought knowing you would wake up eat greasy food and slouch around the following day nursing your sore head. This happend Atleast 3x a week.

After kiddies;

  • My day starts by 6am at the latest, 7am is considered a sleep in! The last time I had a full nights sleep without being woken in the night….before kiddies!
  • Shopping is now something I avoid at all costs, there’s now 2 kids to wrangle with…getting in and out of the car, the pram, the nappie bag, the tantrums. and can only go into shops that can fit a buggie and contain no breakables! Forget trying on clothes, its impossible! Clothes shopping for kiddies clothes is now my guilty pleasure, I could spend every last cent on my boys! My groceries shopping is done online, going into coles or woolies is a nightmare with Timmy. He wants everything he see’s and inevitably ends in a tantrum!
  • Handbags, only reserved for when I get a rare occasion to go out on my own. And my collection is now 3 bags, not the 10+ I used to have! Otherwise i’m sporting an oh so trendy mum nappy bag! All the way from Hawaii.
  • Shoes are now trainers, flat shoes and Thongs( flipflops). long gone are heels and wearing shoes just because they look nice!
  • Dining out….haha. There’s no such thing anymore! If anything its a cheeky Thai or pizza takeaway after the kids are in bed. A rare luxury these days.
  • oh making plans, you better check with me a good week in advance, that’s considered spontaneous!
  • Clothes, these days its breast-feeding maternity tops and leggings….yup, that’s my wardrobe! and I only buy cheap clothes, there only going to get vomited on, pissed on or marked and stained by sticky dirty Timmy hands. When at home, my dressing gown is my staple item.
  • Makeup, ha, you would be lucky if most days I brush my teeth and get a comb through my hair. Super Sexy these days, I know!
  • Hangovers….a thing of the past. It is not worth it while needing to look after kiddies. that’s pure torture! While most days I really could do with a drink or 10, breastfeeding still stops me. I think I have had a total of 3 drinks since giving birth to Elijah. That’s it!

XX Life In A Mum Shell XX

18 thoughts on “Non Mummy Me VS Mummy Me”

  1. This made me giggle and I can relate! Though we wouldn’t change it would we and one day I’m guessing we will have all our time back and miss these days. x

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  2. My kids are now 11 and almost 9 and the lie ins are just about back….9.30am – I’ll take that! They are quite capable of getting their own breakfast at the weekend. But hangover and kids – that’s never going to mix!

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    1. you must be getting to the stage where you cant get your kids out of bed! they go from one extreme to the other. oh what i would give to lie in untill 9.30. by that time ive already done 2 loads of washing, washing up, changed a shit load of shitty i learnt my lesson after i had my first on the hangover with child….i would rather poke myself in the eye with a fork then wake up hungover and need to look after kids!


  3. Very interesting article! I do not have kids yet, but it definitely made me think to do as many things as possible now before I get one. I am sure it is a very nice experience, but obviously very different. x


  4. These are big differences. I don’t think the changes for me were as significant. I didn’t really go out or socialise much before so never missed it..but I do miss sometimes being able to go out at night for walks. a

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  5. Lol this actually really bummed me out lol. It took me a long time to come to terms with my New mummy life and forget about my old life. I’m finally there though. And I honestly wouldn’t change it. It will creep back as they get older huh. 😜

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    1. Yes, it takes a while to get used to the new mummy life, but once you accept it you realise you wouldn’t have it any other way! Once they get older, you will gain more freedom, so there’s always that to look forward too! I just wish i didnt take my freedom back then for granted, had i have know i was going to be a mummy so soon, i would have really relished my freedom a bit more!

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  6. I miss my bags and shoes days, the days when I could go do something without organising it like a military operation! But then I do love my little man so I guess I’ll be happy to sacrifice some stuff for him =]
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

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