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Laboring Eli

The 23rd March was like any other day, except at 2pm my waters would break. I was at home with Timmy, I had just put him down for a nap and laid down ready for a snooze myself when my waters broke. Yay, finally!!!

I was booked in the following day to be induced, as I had Gestational Diabetes and they did not want me going any longer. But obviously baby had other ideas! So as soon as my water broke, I went to the bathroom leaving puddles of water everywhere on my way. I called my partner, no answer as he was at work. So I sent him a text which said “waters broke”  then I quickly tried my dad to see where he was, lucky for me, unlucky for him, he was at home! so I told him my waters broke, but I was going for a bath and not to rush over (he was my lift to the hospital) as Timmy is still asleep and I’ve got no pains at all. So Carl calls me back, he is at work and will stay for a while there…we have been through this before and we know its going to be a while before anything happens so no point in him rushing back.  I get in the bath and dad turns up, he is a bit paniky, so I reassure him not to panic, I’m in no pain, let me get ready and don’t wake Timmy… well he wakes Timmy up straight away…silly move. Now I have an excited 2 year old running around the house wanting to help!

Finally we get the car packed with my thousand bags and we head to the hospital where we are met by my step mum who has just finished a shift there. They come with me to the maternity ward, i’m glad they did because we get there and are told I need to wait in the waiting room as there are currently no beds for me and they have an emergency they are dealing with. So while we are waiting, I go through 3 pairs of underwear as my waters are still leaking, its the worst feeling! you feel like you are constantly peeing yourself! I never had that with Timmy, he was one gush that was it.

Not long after, they take me into a room, hook me up to a machine which monitors baby’s heart beat and my contractions – or lack of – I was hooked up to a drip as I needed antibiotics as I tested positive to that swab you get towards the end. But also because I was having no contractions and of the positive result, they decided they would give me medication to kick start my contractions as they were worried about infection. So by this point its getting on 6 or 7pm, im texting friends and family having good old chats, carl has arrived at the hospital and im still in no pain so they up the medication, and then up it again!! It was at 8.30pm it got painful, and fast! It was an hour of full on contractions, me screaming in pain before baby Elijah was born at 9.40pm.

The minute Elijah was born, I felt amazing…its hard to explain, but if you have read my 30 week pregnancy post 30 weeks pregnant you will know how tough this pregnancy was on me. I had Gestational diabetes and was on 2 insulin’s, always tired and never felt right. It really made enjoying being pregnant hard. Well, the minute I gave birth, I instantly felt so much better! Besides the after contractions, which were incredibly painful and lasted a good week after the birth, I was happy and full of energy!

The midwives were really nice through out the labor and after while helping me feed Elijah. I was nervous about trying breast feeding again, as I didn’t have much success the first time with Timmy. Breast Feeding, Conflicting Advice, Nipple Shields & Mastitis. So I was thrilled when Elijah was willing to suck. It took me 3 painful weeks to get the positioning and latching right, but we are finally there now at 4 weeks, still a little painful but not as bad!

I stayed in hospital for 2 days, I had to stay in for minimum of 24 hours because of my gestation diabetes both me and Elijah needed to get our bloods tested to make sure we were ok. Lucky Elijah’s were all fine, but mine were a little funny before coming good in the end otherwise they wouldn’t have let me go home if they don’t return to normal! I wanted to stay the extra day to make sure I knew what I was doing when it came to feeding Elijah.

While I was in hospital, Timmy came to visit and meet his brother for the first time. He was so excited. It was such a special moment when he got to see him, and said “hello baby brother Elijah”. He held him, gave him kisses, I even let him help push the baby in his bed out for a walk to get me some water! I was very nervous when it was time to go home, I was very worried how I would handle a new baby and Timmy. To be honest, it’s been stressful these past few weeks as we are all trying to settle into a routine and get used to having a baby among us. I have let Timmy watch more tv then he ever has before, and I’ve yelled at poor Timmy more then I care to remember. I have only had a couple of sad days when I’ve got worked up and had a good cry due to my crazy hormones, but lucky Carl was understanding and was there to support me and try make me feel better.It has not been easy and was only last week I dared ventured out by myself with them both alone. Before this I would always make sure I had someone with me when I would go out with them. I  genuinely was afraid to go out with them myself. We went to the park and fed the ducks, had a little picnic and on the way home decided to get Timmy’s hair cut, was a successful day out! I’m still figuring out how to juggle 2 kiddies, but ill get there eventually!

Elijah is 4 weeks old today. I have to say, so far as babies go he is pretty easy. He rarely cries, when he wakes at night he doesn’t cry he just fusses and sucks his hand until i go to him. If i take too long, over half an hour, then he starts to cry, but he is a chilled little man. He loves bath times, and loves his cuddles!! Since he was born I’ve been trying to follow a routine from the Gina Ford The Contented Little Baby Book. I did this with Timmy, and it truly helped, but I started this when he was 3 months old…if only I had found the book earlier with him! A Routine and why it saved me! Elijah is a sleepy baby, he needs a lot of sleep, so until today his sleeping wasn’t fitting in with the routine, but his eating was. Then last night he went from 2am, right through until 7am. I was so happy and today his eating and sleeping has fallen into the 2-4 week routine in the book! I am a huge fan of routines, it helps me through the chaos of my day. This book worked so well with Timmy, I had to give it a go with Elijah.

So we are all still adjusting to life as 4 now, but its going good and we couldn’t imagine life any other way. Chaos and all.

XX Life In A Mum Shell  XX

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