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Why I started blogging.


I first discovered blogging back in early 2016. I loved reading all sorts of blogs, Parenting, travel, fitness, fashion etc. I found inspiration in all sorts of areas. I loved reading normal people’s stories, I found them really inspirational. The more open and honest they were the more i wanted to read!

Then it started playing on my mind, that i might be able to start my own blog. I put it off due to A LOT of self-doubt. What would i write? Do i have any stories of my own to share ? Would people would want to read or even care or be interested in what i have to say?  What if i am no good? Where does one start a blog? It is a big deal to put your thoughts, ideas and opinions out there for the world to see, judge and talk about. It takes a lot of courage to do, its sort of like putting your diary on the internet, it’s very scary. So i put it off until we got to OZ and decided i would give it a go, what have i got to lose? I started my blog in November 2016, shortly after moving to Australia. I am still finding my blogging feet and only been doing it for 5 months! I started researching some other blogs which gave some amazing advice on how to’s for beginners. I am still learning and trying to incorporate some very useful advice.

why I blog

I started blogging as being a parent, I have stories and experiences to tell and share, I have fears and doubts in life and as a parent. It is nice to throw them out there and have friends, family and even complete strangers and other bloggers comment and share their own stories. Often being a parent can be lonely, even though you are never alone. You can feel as though you are travelling along a path in the dark not knowing what’s right or wrong, where to turn, how to cope, where your going and you can often feel isolated and unsure and it can often feel like an uphill battle and overwhelming. There are other times that are incredible, and you are so in love with this life and the little human you have created and you want to share your happiness with everyone because you are so happy and proud and wouldn’t change the low times as the high times make it all the more worth it.

Since I’ve been blogging

When I first started blogging it was such a relief. I had an outlet to share anything and everything i wanted, as scary and daunting as it was and still is! I love being able to relate to people from all over the world. It doesn’t matter where you come from, your background, culture, your way of life in general, we all have something in common. Parenting. Sometimes even the closest of people to us, partners, family, friends can not relate or understand, and vice versa. and it takes an outsider, a total stranger with an unbiased opinion to be able to relate and That’s OK. Since i started my blog, I have realized blogging is a huge world-wide community where everyone has a voice and i genuinely love reading others stories and advice on many different subjects. I’ve recently expanded my blogging community via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I have met some really nice, lovely and genuine people online through different avenues. Some blog posts have made me laugh, cry, others inspire me, others i feel i can relate to and others are like talking to a close girlfriend. I have had some amazing conversations with different people on all sorts of things and I really enjoy the connection and an outsiders non biased opinion or view on situations. It is really refreshing. It can often make me feel human again.

Life has been fairly hectic for us since moving from the UK in October last year and I don’t get to blog as much as i like, but i always try to put things on my other pages, FB, twitter and Instagram regularly. My blog is only a baby still and i have a lot of work i want to do on it. My blog at the moment is only a Mummy’s blog. All about my journey, my experiences including the good, bad, the highs and lows and sharing them with everyone including any advice i can give through lessons i have learned along the way and just being as honest and open as i can be. I have learned not everyone that reads my blog will comment, press like or share my posts, and that’s OK.Sometimes i get comments through my FB page, twitter or privately in email. I always encourage everyone to comment or share their thought’s with me, as that inspires me for new ideas, and keeps me motivated to keep putting my thoughts out there. I love hearing any sorts of comments, it’s always nice and reassuring.

I was out recently when a friend started a conversation and said “I’ve been reading your blog!” I had no idea she had even seen it, but she then started sharing her stories with me. That made me happy and that’s why I blog. I love hearing feedback, good or bad. I have really enjoyed blogging so far. Like i said its new to me still, I’ve a lot yet to learn and there is a lot yet still i want to do with my blog to improve it as at the moment it is extremely basic. I have been slow on the blogging front, as since moving from the UK to OZ, life has been very hectic trying to get ourselves settled and doing it all while being pregnant. We are nearly there, just waiting for baby number 2 to arrive, anytime pretty much now. We are very excited for the new addition to the family.

My blogging vision for the future.

I have really enjoyed my blogging journey so far, and i have a vision for the future once i have baby number 2. I would like to incorporate a health and fitness section. Before i moved to the Uk and had babies this was always a big part of my life, playing netball, going to the gym, running half marathons, running in the city to surf. But once i had my first-born, i went into total denial about my new after baby body. I let myself go and figured my life before could no longer be. But recently i have discovered it does not need to be that way, i shouldn’t need to sacrifice the things in life that make me happy  because i am now a mother. So i am looking at starting a new exciting chapter in my life soon, and bringing you all along for the ride.During this pregnancy I have had Gestational diabetes, and needed to take insulin. I have learned a lot more about food and what it does to your body and i would like to take this learning curve through into my future.

I would also like to incorporate a section on books, its my guilty pleasure. I LOVE reading books. I’m not good reading them on a tablet or kindle. To me there is nothing better than sitting down on the sofa, in the bath or bed snuggled with a good book. I love thumbing through physical books, and love the smell of a new book! Recently I have been reading some really amazing books which i would love to share with you and share my thoughts, and get you to share some book ideas in return! So there’s a couple of idea’s for future expansion. While still remaining a mummy blog of course! I have heard of self hosting your own blog, this i am still researching as it’s still confusing and i want to fully understand it before taking the plunge, and I’m not entirely sure i am yet ready for this. I will also be looking at changing the way my blog looks. It is a work in progress but for now, ill keep posting blogs when ever i can and enjoying the interaction I have with other bloggers via different social media platforms.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts, and like i said feel free to comment be it negative or positive or even just to say hi to let me know you have stopped by my blog! This blog is my passion, and by me getting to share my passion with you is the greatest joy! I appreciate the time you take to read my blogs, it means the world to me. THANK YOU!!

XX Life In A Mum Shell XX

14 thoughts on “Why I started blogging.”

  1. I started blogging in 2015 after quitting a very stressful job. I love writing and I needed an outlet for all of my frustrations at the time as well. two years later and while I’ve taken a few blogging breaks, when I come back I’m much more refreshed and have a lot to say. I love my blog and I see myself blogging for a very long time:)

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    1. Bloggin is such a great outlet for everything. If i have any issues, i put them out there and there is always one other who can relate. If i had a bad experience or good experience, i put it out there, i just love hearing everyone’s comments! I have met some really lovely people through blogging and I get a lot of inspiration from other bloggers 🙂

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  2. I love reading posts like this. Self-hosting gives you more control over the way your blog looks and you have access to more plugins but I rather stay hosted under WordPress. I can’t be bothered with the technicalities of self-hosting.

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  3. Lovely to find out more about you and your journey into blogging. Sounds like it has been busy for you recently but you have lots of ideas to expand your blogging options in the future, good luck!


  4. Blogging is a great way to let out your creative flair and at the same time be yourself. I totally agree, I really do enjoy physical books to kindle and other electronic device – it’s not same.

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