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Dear Timmy,

How my life has changed in the short 2, almost 3 years you have been in my life. Mostly for the better, I wouldn’t change a thing! You were the blessing baby i never imagined and never saw coming. I could never have imagined how much love I could ever have experienced from the very first time i felt you kick to the first time I held you. With every day since i love you more and more as i watch you grown, learn and become this inquisitive, curious, energy ball of a little human. You are filled with so much love, curiosity for everything, you are such a gentle soul, caring, cheeky, smart and a lovable little boy.

Your dad and I must be doing something right because you are more than we ever could have possibly hoped for. Don’t get me wrong, you most definitely have your challenging days just like all other 2 years old’s, but I must say there far and few in between. The good most definitely outweighs the bad!

I love how excited you get about becoming a big brother, how much you want to help. Every day you ask to see baby and give my belly a big cuddle. You even say “I love you” to my belly. You are going to make the most amazing big brother, and I’m really excited to see you grow into this role and teach your little sibling all about life. Baby is very lucky to have you be their big brother.

Just as you are learning about life and everything around you, mummy and daddy are learning every day how to be parents. We are not perfect and don’t always get things right. But we try every day and your dad and I make a good team when we are faced with challenges together. Sometimes their scary and unknown to us and we don’t know what to do, but we always have your best interests at heart and put you first.

You have forever changed our lives and we are forever grateful for the love, craziness and mayhem you have brought to our lives. Every day you make me want to be a better person and to always strive for better. I will never be perfect and I wont always get things right, but I will never stop trying. You teach mummy how to be a better person every day, when you are hurt, sick or scared I get an inner strength I never knew i had inside and i become strong for you even though i am petrified, sad or hurting for you on the inside. When you are not around is only when i let the tears fall and your dad becomes my rock I need to lean on. Every single day, I have fears for you, wanting to keep you safe from harm, when your hurt it takes every inch of me not to cry as I want to make you better and make all the hurt go away.

As long as you know how much you are loved, safe, protected and supported and always will be until my last breath. Being a mum is the most scariest thing I have and will ever do, yet the most rewarding and loving thing I will ever do in my life. I couldn’t be prouder of the little human you are. Your my everything!

Mummy and Daddy love you Too Much!!! xxxx

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