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30 weeks pregnant

So far in this pregnancy I have not written any updates or milestones. I think its fair to say this pregnancy has not been easy. I have had a few up’s and downs along the way and I’m pretty tired of being pregnant for the 2nd time. It feels as though i have been pregnant for a long long long time. I often feel guilty about feeling like this, as i know how lucky i am to be pregnant in the first place and for there to be nothing seriously wrong. But it’s just how i feel. So let me take you back to the beginning.

When I first found out i was pregnant, it wasn’t the best timing. We were on Sark working through our summer job, saving money to move to Australia. We had just signed up with an immigration agent the week before to help us with this process, so we were afraid my being pregnant would affect this, luckily it doesn’t! When i first found out, i didn’t tell my boyfriend for a whole day i took a positive pregnancy test. I hate keeping secrets, so this was a big deal for me not tell him even if it was for a day but after the last 2 experiences we had, which you can read here Miscarriages and Molar pregnancies  I was worried this may be another failed attempt and worried about how he would cope. But the next day when he came home from work, once he was in bed nice and relaxed i broke the news. He wasn’t excited, or happy, but concerned, understandably. I went to the doctor and explained my history and had a blood test done to help pick up any early signs of something being wrong. It was a long week waiting, but they came back fine. This didn’t reassure us totally, but helped a little bit. The minute i found out i was pregnant i began feeling tired beyond belief. Berrocca didn’t help at all and every day was a constant struggle, regardless of how much sleep i had and especially with a 2-year-old running around. Pregnancy with a 2 year old is tough, they want to be picked up all the time, they don’t understand why they can’t jump on mummy anymore or why they need to be more careful of mummy’s belly. I was extra worried, as i had no other pregnancy symptoms besides sore boobs and being really bloated. This was nothing like what i experienced first time around with Timothy! I haven’t been turned off any foods, nor craved anything. I’ve had no dizzy spells and not felt nauseous, which I feel very lucky and happy about but was worried as i expected to have these again. My sex drive, well lets just say, Poor Carl. 3 or 4 times in 6 months…But it actually physically hurts this time around, and i have no desire for any action whatsoever. The first time pregnant, total opposite, anytime any where.He just had to say so and i was on it! Too much info, sorry! But he has been very understanding.

We decided Me and Timmy would leave Sark earlier then scheduled and we would go to Carl’s parents in the UK a couple of weeks early so I could get a scan done before we went to Australia just in case there was something wrong. That way we could try to sort it out before we left for OZ. I had not told any of my family in OZ about my pregnancy at this stage and was very afraid of doing this because we had already arranged to stay with them while we were looking for work ect in Australia, adding my being pregnant to this wasn’t part of the deal! So after an anxious 2 weeks wait in England to get the scan, we finally got it done. We had a happy healthy baby with a heart beat. I cried, Carl’s mum cried, it was such a great day! I phoned Carl straight away to tell him as he was still working on Sark and wouldn’t be joining us for another few days. He was delighted and relieved baby was OK.


So what felt like forever waiting to know for the first 3 months was such a relief and i could finally start embracing my bloated belly bump i had been trying to hide. I plucked up the courage to tell the family in Australia. All happy, with some mixed emotions and a lot of questions. Which i was expecting. The tiredness continued but it had never left me although some days were better than others. So now we could fully focus on our big move to Australia living in oz, 3 month update knowing our little bean was just fine.

Once in Australia, I quickly organised to see midwives and get registered. I still struggled with tiredness and the jet lag did not help this at all. I just didn’t quite feel fine, i didn’t know what it was but i was not feeling myself. My body ached, tiredness was not backing off, i would one minute feel happy, the next want to yell at somebody for no particular reason. Every day was a constant struggle to just feel like me.I figured this was just a tougher pregnancy the 2nd time around. The heat in Australia didn’t help with high 30 degree days and even a couple of 40+ degree days thrown in this literally drained me, especially at night not being able to sleep as it was just unbearably hot. I started working which helped give me something else to focus on and i would fight through the tiredness. I could feel baby moving and kicking and that reassured me all was OK. We soon went for our next scan which all came back fine, although they say i have a low-lying placenta but most of the time these fix themselves. I will need to go for another scan next month to see if this is the case or not.

Next was the gestational diabetes test. I had not had this test when i was pregnant with Timothy. It was truly awful! I had the drink, which was bearable but only just! The first hour after drinking, I was getting hot and cold, going in between wanting to vomit and wanting to pass out. After the 2nd hour this soon passed and i was OK. Later that day i got the dreaded call that i did have gestational diabetes. I was devastated and cried a lot. Anyone who has had Gestational diabetes will know what this involves. Doing 4 times daily blood tests, regulating your blood sugars, monitoring and weighing your food and counting your carbohydrates intake every day. Extra dietitians appointments every 2 weeks Just to add to the list of everything else you have to do daily. In this blog i wont go much into it, as i plan on writing an in-depth blog about it once i have had baby and gone through the whole thing from start to finish as I’m still learning about it myself. I recently went to my follow-up dietitians appointment and it looks like my blood sugars are still too high even though I have pretty  much cut out all carbohydrates from my diet followed their recommended eating patterns and cut my meals down smaller. I’ve started loosing weight which isn’t good as this means baby isn’t getting enough in order to grow properly. I have a follow up appointment this Monday to see if i will need to go on Pills or insulin. I have just over 2 months left of my pregnancy to go, and its fair to say I’m ready for this to be done. Since I’ve been pregnant i have felt nothing but exhausted every single day, and I’m looking towards the finish line with so much excitement. I am just so ready to hold my little bundle in my arms and know baby is OK. I’m also ready to have my body back. I miss being able to sleep properly without little legs and arms kicking me and keeping me up all night, although if it’s not baby it is a 2-year-old. Soon enough it will be a baby and a 2 year old, so i really shouldn’t be complaining about this now. I know a few months after giving birth i will soon have forgotten the struggles and pains and i will miss being pregnant. It’s so weird how that works. I remember straight after having Timmy, i swore no more! 6 months later, I missed little feet kicking me and missed the baby belly and had forgotten the birth pain and how i felt for the first couple of months after giving birth and was ready to do it again. We women are made of pretty tough stuff! And while i’m ready for this pregnancy to be over, i’m trying my best to embrace the truly remarkable process occurring in my belly right now. I’m a lucky mum that’s for sure!

xx Life In A Mum Shell xx


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