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My First Labour Story

I don’t know about you, but I love a good labour story! I’m one of those people who watch “One Born every minute”. I could sit for hours reading others story’s, so here is the story of my birth with my first son Timmy! Before I get into my actual labor, let me set the scene for where we were living at the time. I find the lead up to the birth more interesting and more eventful then the actual birth to be honest! When I was pregnant with my son, we lived on a very small island called Sark, located in the Channel Islands. There are no cars. People get around on bikes, horse and carriages and tractors. There are only dirt roads. It is the island of the “Dark sky’s”. The view of the stars are spectacular! Honestly, it is the most beautiful place to visit and is very unique. The views are just incredible. There is only one way off the island which is by a 1 hour boat ride to the neighboring island of Guernsey. Guernsey does have cars, an airport and thankfully a hospital and is much larger than Sark! So the plan when I would go into  labor is I would need to call the doctor – there is only 1 doctor on Sark. He would arrive on his push bike with his doctors bag in hand he would then need to call the Sark Ambulance, which is a tractor with a trailer attached. You take the ambulance down to the harbor where there is an emergency life boat waiting for you with midwives on board which takes you to Guernsey where there is an ambulance (a real one) waiting to take you to hospital. So as you can see its a big adventure just getting to hospital! Not surprising there have been many who have not made the journey, had there babies at home, at the harbor, or even on the boat.  I was lucky and made the journey! So now onto my actual labor!


On an early June Morning 2.40am to be exact, I woke up startled sat upright in bed in a puddle of fluid. Oh Shit – Its Time! I wasn’t panicked, I was oddly calm. I went into the bathroom to check it was my waters broken, indeed it was. I went back into the bedroom to get myself some new underwear, my partner woke and this is the conversation that took place.

Partner: Are you OK? Me: yes, my waters have broken Partner: oh, are you in any pain? Me: No Partner: oh ok, can i go back to sleep? me: sure, I cant go back to sleep so I’m going to have a bath. I’ll wake you a bit later.

So I went down stairs and messaged my family back in Australia to let them know. I sat talking to them and another friend on Facebook (who had only given birth a few weeks earlier) for over an hour before going for a bath. Just before 6am I decided it was time to call the doctor, still in barely any pain just very mild period pain. I called the doctor who came out and organised the ambulance and boat etc, he asked where my partner was and I told him still asleep….he laughed and said I think its time you woke him up. So I went in told my partner the doctor was here and its time to get up. He was pacing around, chain-smoking and drinking coffee in a state of shock or panic, possibly both, which is why I didn’t wake him earlier! So you already know the procedure of how I get to Guernsey. Once at the hospital I’m still not in much pain the midwife does her thing and see’s i’m already 8cm dilated and surprised i’m not in more pain. It wasn’t long after that things kicked of big time and it all started. I didn’t realise it could take so long to push out the baby, I thought my head was going to pop off from all the pressure! For you mummy’s out there you know how it goes so ill spare the details. I wasn’t given an epidural option so gas and air only and at 4.20pm I delivered a healthy baby boy. I’m so lucky it was a straight forward delivery, no complications.


I was lucky and suffered no after birth pains. Except there was a slight tear, which for several weeks after the birth made going to the bathroom, having a shower or sitting down extremly painful and I dreaded when I would need the toilet! Lucky there was no need for stitches. Oh and the wobbly jelly belly is such a weird experience! Not to mention the first shower after the birth, it is seriously like a murder scene, its grousome and extremly messy. After giving birth I found it really hard to walk, I was in so much pain, just getting in and out of bed was very uncomfortable for the first 2 days. The tiredness, it is like nothing ever experienced before. Now when someone complains they are tired, unless you have given birth and are sleep deprived, trust me, you do not know what being really tired is! But you get used to the tiredness, im 3 1/2 years in now since his birth and tiredness is a part of my life every day. So when mum’s say “enjoy your sleep before baby comes along” seriously, it is the best advice you could get! It is hard to imagine, but once your in the “no sleep” vacuume, your in there for years!

The first time it really hit me that I was a mum was when I was left in the room with just me and my new baby all alone. My partner had gone home for the night, the nurses left me alone, and I looked at this tiny bundle and said “oh shit, your mine!” It was like hitting a brick wall suddenly it all became very real. I couldn’t believe he was here and the big event I had waited 9 months for had been and gone. A very surreal feeling.

I hope you enjoyed reading The tale of my labor story. I would love to hear about your labor stories, feel free to share your stories or send me links to your labour story posts as I do love to read about them!

xx Candice xx

14 thoughts on “My First Labour Story”

    1. oh wow, have you had your baby yet? yes, i love hearing labor stories and when i was pregnant, i loved watching “one born every minute” my partner couldn’t understand why i would want to watch it. its a mum thing i think 🙂 i hope your labor has gone smoothly and quickly x


  1. My first son took around 12 hours to arrive, from the first small contraction to the final push (my waters never broke). I also had gas and air only as I arrived at hospital fully dilated and it was too late for anything else. My second son came around two hours after my waters broke, we made it to the hospital with just 20 minutes to spare – I’m not sure I would have made it to Guernsey 🙂

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    1. Plenty of people have not made it to Guernsey, or even onto the boat! wow, your second labor was super fast!! i love hearing labor stories! my second son was in no hurry, they had to speed mine up…5 hours after my waters broke still no pain! but once they sped it up, things happen very very quickly…i prefer it that way i think!


  2. With my last 2 births, I kept thinking it wasn’t really happening, I expected the pain to be worse when the contractions were only a minute apart! The feeling of love when I held my newborn each time is something I will treasure forever

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  3. Glad everything went so well, considering all the different elements you had to contend with! Sark sounds like quite a place. I’ve never heard of it before. My labour involved preeclampsia, so it wasn’t the home birth I hoped for when I was pregnant. But, I wasn’t attached to my birth plan. I just wanted B to arrive safe and well and he did! x


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    1. You should google Sark, it is a truly beautiful Island. Very small, no cars. They have horses and carriages. Many people have not heard of it, but its somewhere very special, the views are spectacular. You can see France from Sark. Oh dear, im glad your labour went well and baby was ok considering the preeclampsia. That would have been scary. to have.


    1. I lived there for about 2 1/2 years, some of the best memories ever. Its a magical place with some of the best views i have ever seen, you can even see France from the island. Yes both my labours were pretty straight forward, no complications which i am very grateful for! 🙂

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  4. You’re indeed a brave lady. Living and waiting to get into labour on an isl with no cars will scare the living day light out of me. Well done. Congratulations your baby is soooo cute.


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