Teething – a different experience with each child.

Isn’t it funny how different our children can be? They come from the same parents, raised virually the same, yet are so different! My 2 boys are so far very different in so many things. Timmy is very chilled, placid and a go with the flow kinda kid. When he was little he wasn’t the most cuddly child, he would never fall asleep on you, unless he was unwell. As he has grown, he has become more cuddly, but not a whole lot, he is getting more affectionate. Elijah is temperamental and very demanding but very cuddly. he will fall asleep on you he loves his cuddles and being held.

So its no wonder they were very different when it comes to teething also. Timmy would not take a teething toy, nothing! He was the sort of child that would not put anything in his mouth unless it was food. I did not have a worry about him, but when it came to trying to help with his teething, nothing worked, except calpol. Everyone said to get him a Sophie the giraffe, they raved on about this bloody thing, all the kids loved them…..except timmy! I paid close to 20 pounds online for this thing, and he wouldn’t put it near his mouth nor play with it! Had he of done, I wouldn’t have minded paying so much for it, however it was a waste of money and never got touched. In the end I gave it away, hopefully it went to a more useful home!

Elijah, well he would have loved sophie the giraffe, this child puts everything and everything in his mouth! except dummies…I tried them on him when he was about 3 months old thinking it would help his teething or help with the crying. nope, he wasn’t having none of it! I’m sort of glad he didn’t take to dummies because ive never been keen on them, but at the time when I was going through PND and trying to deal with a threenanger, and a baby who kept crying I would have been happy if he took a dummy and cried less!

so I brought some teething rings you put in the freezer, but I find these are so big in there little mouths, and when it is cold outside, he isn’t keen on touching a freezing teething ring. In sumer its good as it helps cooling him down. I also found frozen berries works well, he loves frozen berries so it works well, but I only started them once he ws well established at chewing!

recently I was lucky enough to collaborate with Three.plus.me.17 on Instagram. It is a small Australian company that makes home made Silicon Teething items, necklaces teething rings, bracelets and keyrings ect. I decided to reach out as I loved the look of their items. I was sent 2 teething necklaces, I had not tried teething necklaces before, and honestly wish I had found them sooner! I was sent the most lovely baby blue and grey necklace seen here Elijah loves it. and the more subtle black and blue necklace, both go with anything I am wearing. I had stopped wearing jewellery when I had my boys as they pull on them and want to put them in there mouths, but with a teething necklace this is exactly its purpose, so its a winner!

So that’s my experience with my first two boys on teething. very different experiences and reactions to teething. would love to hear bout your experiences, please share them, or add a link to your post below x

Candice xx


My biggest Baby

So Timmy is now 4 years old. I still remember the day he was born like yesterday. On Friday he officially started in the big room at Pre school. while I was super excited for him, as was he, I was sad. He is no longer my little baby. But something tells me, even when he is 20 I will still see him as my baby. Mean while I have Elijah who is 17months, and a new baby on the way due next month, only a few weeks away. But every new milestone Timmy hits just makes me realise how fast time goes. How precious these days with them being so small are.

Timmy loves his preschool, he adores his teachers, makes friends really easy and is just a nice natured child. However challenging he may be at times. I’m so lucky I’ve been able to be the stay at home mum and get to witness these days. They really do go so fast! Although he wont be going to big school next year, him being in the big room where they practice school readiness is such a big thing for him, and for me! I’m so proud of the little person he is becoming. Every night when he is asleep before I go to bed myself I ALWAYS go in and check on him, give him a kiss and tell him I love him. when he sleeps, his sleeping face is the exact same as when he was a newborn, I’m transported back in time and my heart grows even more with love and gratitude for the little gift he is. The day he was born my life changed in a way that set me on my life’s purpose. Every day I live and breathe for these little munchkins, there are some days when I wish I was at work instead of at home, but these days don’t happen very often and  usually follow days of me being so thankful. Times can be challenging, but when there good, it just means even more.

So that’s my post for today, just reflecting, and feeling a whole lot of different emotions as you do being a parent!

Candice xx

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Relax Mummy!

I don’t know about you, but since becoming a mum, taking time for yourself is more important then ever. I look back before I had kids, I honestly don’t know what I used to do with my time. I know I took the quiet peaceful times for granted that’s for sure. These days I appreciate the smallest of pleasures, going groceries shopping…ALONE!!! seriously, I walk around the shops smiling! My life has changed so much since becoming a mum, priorities shift and trying to look after yourself on a daily basis becomes harder and harder. But I have recently realised it is so important to make sure you pencil in those times to recharge your batteries. So here is a list of things I like to do to unwind, recharge and switch of so that I can try and be the best mum I can be without being all stressed out (those days still happen, nothing will change that!) but less so now!

  • Netflix, chocolate and a glass of wine; all three preferably, but ill take the Netflix and chocolate at the moment while I’m pregnant. When the kids go to bed, there is nothing more I love to do then snuggle on the sofa with the other half and chill watching our favourite TV shows, at the moment that is Suits, it was Homeland, but we finished that series. It used to be Game of thrones but we have seen all the episodes, just for fun every now and then we will replay some old ones. But just to be able to watch tv in peace and relax is nice. Its a luxury I don’t take for granted anymore! And it is important to make time for your partner, when through the day life seems to revolve all around little people. Moments like these are precious.
  • Gym Time; After I had Elijah I joined a local gym and found the classes so relaxing and tiring, but rewarding. It was nice to have that bit of me time and know I was doing something just for me. I felt really good after a class. When I fell pregnant again I stopped going, and cancelled my membership. I really need to get back into it after my baby number 3. I loved the gym because the crèche was in the same room as where they do the class, so you could see your children. It was good. I loved it, one day I would do a weights or high energy class, the next I would do a stretching low impact class. it was so good for me, and I will get back into the gym again, its a must! I actually have a exercise bike, which was in our lounge room, but I never used it! Stupid me. I came home one day, Carl had decided to remove it to the garage. I couldn’t blame him really. But I do know when this baby has arrived, it’s something I need to get back into. I’m not even really looking at getting into shape, but more so because when I exercise it makes me feel good. Which in turn makes me happy. Its a no brainer really!!
  • knitting; This is another one I love to do when the kids are asleep, I cant do this with them running around and wanting my attention. so when they are asleep I like to sit down watch tv and pull out the knitting. I am currently working on another baby blanket. I made one when Timmy was little, I started one when i was pregnant with Elijah however, I was not in a good head space and didn’t ever finish it, but this third pregnancy I am feeling more motivated and have started another blanket! I am a basic knitter, but its fun all the same and I find it relaxing!
  • Reading; I LOVE reading. Always have, its my favourite thing in the world to do! I still am not convinced by E-reading I much prefer a good book. The pages, the feel the smell. I get to escape into another world for  a while and that’s super relaxing. I love reading in the bath, by the ocean or pool and in bed or even outside on a nice warm day while the kids are playing. Autobiographies are my favourite. I find other peoples stories fascinating. I will do a list of my favourite books soon. I am such a book hoarder, I love to keep them and will re-read them later. I always read something I did not remember, or I view the book differently the second time. I am currently reading Jimmy Barnes Working Class Man, I read his first book Working Class Boy and was blown away by his honesty and openness. I am really enjoying the second as well.
  • Café; heading out to a café to sit in peace and enjoy a coffee and cake for 30 minutes minus children= bliss. Even just getting to meet a friend for half an hour or an hour with no children, its really nice! The simple things in life these days are the most enjoyable. It is rare I get to do this, but I take the opportunity when I can. Such as last week I had an appointment, Timmy was in school and dad offered to mind Elijah so straight after my appointment I went to a near by café, sat with a coffee and cake and soaked in the pleasure of it all. cof

    a coffee with a view, So relaxing!
  • Taking a nap; sometimes even a 30 minute cat nap is enough to recharge the batteries. I usually try to squeeze one in when we have quiet time in the afternoon. Elijah goes for his long sleep, timmy will have some tv time sometimes he even has a nap, and I will squeeze in a little nap. It can do me wonders especially while I am pregnant. I usually start the day with energy, but by the afternoon my motivation is gone and the tiredness has hit!
  • Bath Time; honestly who doesn’t love a bath, I have always loved baths. once the kids are in bed, I love a good bath with bubbles (the drinking kind helps also 😉 a good book, some beautiful smelling bath salts or even a bath bomb and candles and your set!! Its so relaxing and helps to switch off after a stressful day! At the moment I am LOVING the bath milk by @Luxbathandbody. It smells incredible and makes my bath feel so much more luxurious. Their sugar bath scrub, I cant underestimate how nice my skin feels for days afterwards. They also make great presents, know someone who expecting, a birthday coming up, Christmas. Any woman would LOVE to receive bath products as a gift. Check them out on Instagram or on their Website cofsdr
  • Mani/Pedi; These days I rarely go for treatments, but when I do, oh is it relaxing. It is so nice to be pampered! Since having kids I prefer not to do a mani, as its to much maintenance to keep the nail polish looking good, so I opt for a pedicure instead. That way when the nail polish starts looking ratty its fine and my shoes cover it! But once In a while I will splurge and get a mani too, I just find it gets chipped on the first day and that’s that!! So I tend to stick with the pedi. plus, who doesn’t like a foot massage…speaking of massages..
  • Massage; This is something I try to get once or twice a year. the ultimate relaxing self indulgent thing to do! I usually suggest for a birthday or Christmas gift to get me a massage voucher.. It was recently my birthday, and my sister got me a Massage voucher, YAY!! Usually when I go on holidays I like to book in a massage, the best were when I was in Thailand on the beach, so relaxing and so cheap! Cant go wrong really! We recently went to Darwin for 2 weeks, and I managed to fit in 2 massages. Actually the first one was not that relaxing and was not what I wanted, ill write about that in a separate Darwin post shortly. However, the second….PURE BLISS! I really think I need to make more time for massages as it is something I love and really helps me to relax! And it feels really indulgent!
  • Taking a few moments alone; Recently I have found moments I can get by myself through the day. So In the mornings, I will set the kids up with their breakfast, make myself a cup of tea or coffee and some toast, I will then sneak off back into bed where I can indulgently scroll through FB, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE ect no interruptions, well until Timmy comes in to tell me he has finished his breakfast. Then its time up! But it is a good 15minutes of me time without the guilt I do the same at lunch time, set them up, make myself lunch and go sit in bed and read or look at social media and that’s another 15minutes of me time. I get to eat in peace and look at my phone without the guilt. Simple pleasures remember! As we speak I am in my bed typing this, Elijah is asleep and Timmy was having quiet time and has fallen asleep on the sofa! WIN for mummy 🙂

    Coffee in bed alone. Just a little “Me Time”
  • Candles; I can not underestimate the relaxing effect Candles have on me! I love to include them when having a bath, nothing sets the tone like candles. And at night, switch of the lights and have one or two candles on in the lounge room sets a lovely romantic mood, and they smell INCREDIBLE! I love when I am at my computer table, needing to get work done I will light a candle and it helps relax me and put me in a right frame of mind to get through whatever it is I need to tackle! Plus, they make the perfect gift! I am loving these scentorini Candles they smell amazing and have such an amazing range to choose from.

    Scentorini Candles smell incredible. Check them out on Instagram and Facebook!
  • Sitting outside; It is currently winter here in OZ so the outside time has been culled a little, however there really is nothing like getting some fresh air! Sitting outside with a drink, watching the kids play, enjoying a good book, or just to go for a nice walk.

    Timmy enjoying playing with toys outside

So these are a few things I enjoy doing to help recharge my batteries. Do you have any favourite things you like to do to unwind and relax? Any products you love to help you relax? Would love to hear about them!

Candice x

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Sunday Shout Out #1 – Playful Little Learners

Welcome to my first Sunday Shout out Post! This week’s Shout out is for Amy at Playful Little Learners

You can read all about Amy Here What a women I tell you! She is a Australian Teacher who has taken time off to be with her 4 children, yes you heard right…4 children, hats off to her right there! She has accomplished so much and is passionate about teaching children. So about a month a go I came across playful little learners on Instagram. I was scrolling though my Instagram feed late one night in bed, I couldn’t sleep stupid pregnancy insomnia while my partner was fast asleep snoring next to me when I clicked on a link and it took me to the Playful Little Learners Instagram Page. It got my attention straight away as it was colourful and bright and right off the bat there were so many great ideas I could do with my own children! I was inspired and excited! But most of all, it is real. It is not always picture perfect, there is chaos and mess….a daily occurrence in my house. Any posts which inspire, excite and is relatable and real has my vote!! If you have seen My Instagram Feed, most of the time there is no filter, its not colourful or pretty or been designed in anyway, I’ve kept it REAL. Its just photos I have taken and put up there with or without a little story. I do love both the real and the picture perfect Instagram feeds, they all lead to some sort of inspiration! Amy has the most amazing set up in her house, that’s my goals for the future! I love her reasoning behind the activities she has chosen to do, So many sensory ideas and great set ups. The pictures and the fun that comes through is great to look at. She would be the perfect person to do a playdate with! Amy comes across as a friend you could sit and chat with over coffee, while the kids run riot. her personality shines through on her site and pages and she feels very relatable.

On playful little learners Instagram there are stories, videos, pictures which most of us are able to relate to. There are ideas which cater to both the older and younger children and play safe ideas. I am not the most creative person, so this helps trying to find activities which cater for my outgoing and very messy almost 4 year old, yet are also perfect for my 14month old too 🙂 one of my favourite ideas, which Is pure genius is this post for  Taste Safe Sand I gave this a try with my boys, they had the most fun!! I have wanted to do a sand tray for a while, but been put off as Elijah will just eat the sand….anything he see’s goes straight into his mouth, if only he was that keen when it came to his vegetables!! I have tried pasta, and wanted to make it colourful, but kept it plain just because of above mentioned problem.cof



Taste Safe Sand play fun with Polenta.

Amy gives great ideas on what sort of items can be used to put all the play essentials in. I had been trying to think of a suitable container for ages, and could not find the right one when Amy suggested an under bed storage container from Kmart. I went the very next day and brought one. I have filled it with a few plastic bugs and animals which Timmy loves playing with and I have so many great ideas I want to do with this container, its the perfect play space and what I have used for the taste safe sand activity!

I love the Rainbow rice sensory idea. I had fun making the rainbow rice with Timmy and then letting the kids play with it. Elijah loves rice, but just wanted to eat it, and ended up with a blue mouth so I think I will leave this activity for when Elijah is asleep and let Timmy play with this one on his own.


timmy and rainbow rice.jpg
Rainbow rice play fun.

boys and rainbow rice.jpg


cofOn her website, I love how all the activities are categorised, sensory ideas, small worlds set ups which I can not wait to try some of them out! creative literacy play ect… there are so many fun and learning activities on there the ideas are endless and I encourage any parent, carer, educator to get on to her website playfullittlelearners.com I guarantee there is something on there for everyone. Can you tell I just LOVE the site and pages? That’s why I just had to feature her in my Sunday Shout Out!

I had to send Amy who runs Playful little learners a message to let her know how much I loved her page and how she has inspired me with my own children. She was very sweet and appreciative, and that’s nice to know an opinion matters! I always love to tell people if I love their stuff. I think its important to give feedback, both positive and negative. I always encourage others to do the same to me, I love feedback.

If you have popped over to check out Playful Little Learners, let me know what you thought, have you used some of her ideas? Have you found inspiration? I would love to know, as I’m sure Amy would also love your feedback 🙂

Amy didn’t know I was going to do this post, I sent her a message to let her know though! She was very surprised and happy I was going to do it, which was lovely. I genuinely love her site and was inspired and felt it deserves a shout out! All thoughts and opinions are solely 100% my own.

If you or anyone you know needs a Sunday Shout out, send me a link to their page so I can check them out. It can be about anything, if its inspiring, heartfelt, genuine and honest then I’m more then happy to feature them! small or big, whatever niche, lets show some love!

Candice x

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A new way forward.

Hi All, Lately I have felt very uninspired by my blogging. What to write, how to write, where I wanted the direction of my blog to head and then I found inspiration in an unlikely place. Another’s Instagram page! I stumbled upon this Instagram page and felt they had helped me with so much inspiration when an idea struck me to want to help others and to give shout outs when I can! So I came up with a Sunday Shout out post! so this is now going to be my new sunday post! Hopefully every week ill manage to get out a Sunday Shoutout post, I wont commit to every Sunday, because lets face it….life happens and I don’t always prioritise my blogging!. However my first Sunday post is done and ready to go out this Sunday, so please check it out!!!

These posts are basically shout outs to other bloggers, social media pages or even just company’s which I have come across and genuinely LOVE! I feel there is so much competetiveness on social media and blogging, which I cant stand. I started blogging as a way to release all my genuine frusterations, anxietys and worries about being a mother, and wanting to meet other mums I could relate to in a hope of not feeling so isolated and alone. Now I have made some wonderful connections I thought how can I take this even further and be more supportive? I figured through a weekly shoutout post, and also through social media! I would love to know what you all think about this concept. I am sure there are probably others doing the same, ive just not come across them, but if you know of anyone doing the same or similar, let me know, I would love to do a shout out to other shout outers out there! Recently I have also started reaching out to brands I have found which I love, smaller local australian companies which I thought may be interested in collaborating. Obviously these are companies which fit my niche, child clothing brands, toys brands, teething ect if it helps expose their work to a wider audience, then why not? Its all about shareing the love, giving back when possible and helping others! So this is my view going forward, its been a very exciting few weeks and has re inspired my love for blogging! Don’t worry, there will still be the ramble post which I complain or need to get things of my chest too! I am working on one as we speak!

I used to be so focused on likes and followers and I have recently come to realise this is not the be all and end all of blogging or social media sites. Sometimes I get a lot of likes and comments, other times not so much. I have come to not worry so much about how many likes or comments I get because it can start to consume you and take over. I have had many people I know comment to me personally about my blog, they never comment, like or post on their, but they read my posts. It is always nice to receive feedback, back its important to remember not everyone leaves feedback and its not always about the numbers! Instagram drives me mad with the amount of people who follow only for a follow then they unfollow you! why? its so silly playing stupid games, I am starting to learn who these people are, and how to spot them. I stay away, and when necessary block people. I want a genuine following and try to comment and like on as many people I can, like I said any feedback is good feedback!

In todays world of lots of tit for tat, its nice to step away and focus on the good! I had to stop thinking about what others thought about what I wrote, I had forgotten why I was writing in the first place and lost my passion. I have now found a new purpose and my passion is reignited! Mind you I have only been at this for less then two years. I’m still figuring out my way. But the more people who show love and support for others the better I think. So Look out for my first Shout Out post this Sunday. Ill also be posting a new collaboration post coming soon, which I am excited to share with you all! I’m excited to be excited about blogging again. 

What gets you inspired about blogging when you start to feel uninspired? I would love to know!

Candice x

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Lets Go For A Drive!

Timmy and Elijah received this book for Christmas from Family. It is one of the most treasured books we own, Timmy adores it! The book came with the two characters in the book, which just adds to the fun when reading the book. It is such an easy fun read. The two characters plan a road trip, but they need a plan before they can go on their road trip…they need certain items such as a map, when the items come up Timmy has fun going to find the items, a map, sunglasses, umbrella, ect. when they collect all their items they need and then realise to go on a road trip you need a car, which neither of them actually have! So instead they decide to play pirates out of the items they have collected and look for treasure. It is lovely written and well illustrated. It’s a sure hit in our house.

Last week Timmy was asked to bring in a book to his school about transport, what a better book to take. It turns out it was such a hit with all the children in his class, they just loved it and spent the whole time Giggling at what the silly Pig and Elephant got up to.

Have you read this book? If so what are your thoughts, share them with me below! would love to know!

Candice xmde

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Activities to keep the littlies occupied

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’m at home and the kids are bored, I’m bored and just cant think of anything to do. Though they have plenty of toys and games sometimes some thinking outside of the box is required to keep them and me occupied!

Lots of people find their inspiration on Pinterest, but I have very little experience in Pinterest, although I do mean to get on there and discover what all the fuss is about. I’m sure once I get the hang of it I wont look back. However, in the mean time I look for different Facebook pages, blog pages and twitter to find my inspiration. I get some really good ideas. To be honest, I really am hopeless at remembering where I saw the original posts, I really need to write them down when I see them! that way I can give full credit to the page I saw the original post on! I’m working on getting better at this! I promise.

Rice Discovery


This is such a simple idea, yet Timmy loved it!

All you need is a spare egg carton, some small toys or rocks or other treasures and rice! place the toys in the egg carton then cover with rice. Timmy came up with the ides of guessing hat was under the rice before he would dig I out, that was his own idea, clever monkey! but yes, this game was a lot of fun for him he really enjoyed it! excuse his dressing gown, we had an at home day, mummy was wearing hers, so of course he had to do the same 🙂

Colourful hanging water bag


This is another simple idea I found on another page, for the life of me I can not find where I found it! I have spent literally days trying to find where this one originated from!

All you need is strong sandwich bags zip lock, food colouring and glitter. You can get as creative as you like with this activity adding all sorts of items in the bag! I got Timmy to draw pictures on the bag in permanent marker, which he loved Timmy loved choosing the colours, writing on the bags and adding glitter to the water. Both the kids enjoyed this activity. We had these on the sliding glass door for over a week, they did not break, although I was worried as Timmy was occasionally very rough! but this is a great activity for all ages and got ALOT of use out of. After a week, we took them down as they kept falling down, we only had them stuck on the door with sticky tape!

Spaghetti Play


This is such a great sensory activity. I kept the pasta plain as my 1 year old would only try to eat it and yes he did otherwise you could add different colours with food colouring or even some glitter to make it really interesting! Timmy LOVED LOVED this one. so much so the ending result was…………


No I did not know he was going to do this, I went inside to get his brother some water and wash his hands, when I came out this is what had happened! A butt naked Timmy in a bowl of pasta. Each to their own I suppose! This picture will make a future appearance, say at his 16th, 18th or 21st….maybe all of them 🙂

Pasta and/ or rice in a bottle 


This is yet again very simple using items you would most like have in your cupboard. Elijah really got a lot of use out of this one, Timmy liked choosing the pasta and rice to put it the bottle. just ensure the lid is well taped or glued up so it can not be opened.

Another basic shaker using a plastic bottle is water, food colouring and glitter and other crafty things you find. Timmy once again enjoyed doing this activity, choosing the colour and what would go in the bottle, Elijah plays a lot with this one! once again ensure the lid is firmly closed with tape or glue.

Cereal fun


I went through our cupboards and found old cereal, coconut shavings, rice, seeds ect placed it all in a bowl and Timmy and Elijah had a ball playing with this. Elijah did try to eat it, so I kept close watch while they were playing. But its a great sensory messy activity.  Timmy loved getting his cars, making patterns and burring the items under the cereal. Afterwards, we threw the leftovers on our lawn for the birds! easy.

I would love to know what other ideas you have or use with your little ones to keep them occupied? Share your posts with me below!

Candice x